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HI HO SILVER, AWAY: The 1950'S When WESTERNS Dominated the Air Waves

When I was 5 years old. I wanted to be a Cowboy like those on the television screen and so did other little boys of the 1950's. In 1949 the first weekly television Western show appeared and by the late 1950's as many as 46 Western programs were on the airways every week. No other genre would ever equal the American Television Western and they thrilled many a young boy, like myself, and grown ups as well. 

The television Western series would become so popular that Walt Disney, in 1957, made the decision to get into the genre. That year Walt added the first of five mini-series for his  "Disneyland" Sunday night program on ABC. Two of which were about real life Western Lawmen. While every Friday afternoon I came home to watch "Talent Round Up Day" on "The Mickey Mouse Club". Where the "Mousketeers" wore Cowboy Outfits that many a young viewer wanted to have.

Here's a link to my article on Walt Disney's "The Saga of Andy Burnett…