A List--A Look at Robots and Computers in Movies 1919 to 2017

"L'uomo meccaninco (The Mechanical Man)"is a forgotten 1921 silent motion picture from Italy The plot has a scientist building a Mechanical Man which is controlled by remote control from a machine. The scientist is killed by a gang of criminals led by a women. She uses the robot for criminal deeds and the brother of the original scientist builds a second mechanical man, controlled through a second machine, to fight and stop the other. This was the first ever robot vs robot fight on the motion picture screen.

This article takes a look at two forms of technology reflected in motion pictures both with actors and by animation. It is divided into two sections "Computers" and "Robots". There are a large number of such motion pictures and so I will be selective at times. In some cases just mentioning a title in passing, or a short summary. I know my reader my have their favorites and I freely admit I might not mention them. So I apologize up front, but promi…
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