ROBERT CLARKE: 'B' Actor, or "The Hideous Sun Demon" Meets the "King Sisters"

A "B" Actor goes where the roles are and sometimes ends up in a few classics. In the case of Robert Clarke they were in Science Fiction and Horror. Yet many today do not know his name, but recognize his face and such titles as "THE MAN FROM PLANET X" and 'THE HIDEOUS SUN DEMON".

Between  1944 and his death in 2005. Robert Irby Clarke appeared 199 times in either "B" motion pictures, or television programs not including with his wife Alice King on "The King Family Show", I am not going into all of these appearances, but will concentrate on some of those "Classic (?)" Science Fiction and Horror roles.

Robert Clarke was born on June 1, 1920 in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Like myself he developed a love of motion pictures at a very early age, but decided upon a military career. He had tried high school acting, but had a major case of stage fright and as a result decided against acting. However, events sometimes choose our course and …
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