La historia de España como fue creada por Hollywood: cuatro películas (Spain's History As Created By Hollywood: Four Films)

Hollywood is known for bending history to fit the "Silver Screen". As far as American History goes. How many different versions, including Walt Disney's and John Wayne's, of the battle for the "Alamo" has Hollywood produced? Looking at Biographical feature films. How many versions, including Robert Taylor and Paul Newman, has Hollywood made about "Billy the Kid"?

This article looks at Four Hollywood Historical Motion Pictures About Espana (Spain). They cover four events in the country's history from 1043 to 1936. I still watch and enjoy these four films, but how do they compare to actual history?

I start my look at Spain through the eyes of Hollywood in the 11th Century. His real name was Rodrigo Diaz de Vivar and he was born sometime around 1043 in Vivar, Burgos, Spain. As time would pass he would become known as either "El Campedor". Which to the Spanish Christian's meant "Outstanding Warrior", or to both his Moorish a…
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