PAUL BIRCH: Roger Corman's Intergalactic Vampire

It was the 1950's and the aftermath of Nuclear War was a theme in three motion pictures Paul Birch appeared in. In one the opening scene was written as "The End" and the end was written as "The Beginning". His face and that baritone voice were very familiar in Science Fiction and Westerns of the period even on television, but his name wasn't.

Look on line for some specific biographical information about the actor and it's extremely scarce and duplicated on most web sites. We know he was born Paul Lowery Smith on January 12, 1912 in Atmore, Alabama. We know he attended "Alabama Polytechnic Institute" which was the fourth name of what became in 1960 "Auburn University". What his course of study was, or the dates he attended I could not locate. Some sources say he was married twice and others three times. We know two of his wives names, maybe. Paul's first was Margaret Farish, but his second, or was she his third?  Was Betsy Ross Sm…
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