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HERBERT LOM: His Motion Pictures

Captain Nemo, Professor Van Helsing, the Phantom of the Opera and Napoleon are four roles portrayed on the Motion Picture Screen by actor Herbert Lom. This is a look at some of his 118 feature films and the memorable performances the actor gave us over 60 years.

Herbert Charles Angelo Kuchacevic ze Schluderpacheru was born September 11, 1917 in Prague, Austria-Hungrey. He first appeared on the motion picture screen in the 1937 Czechoslavakian motion picture "Zena pod krizem (Women Under the Cross)". The picture would be followed by two others in 1938. During this period Herbert changed his last name to Lom, which means "A  Quarry, because it was the shortest name he could find in a local telephone book.

Like many Jewish actors in 1939, the now, Herbert Lom, left Europe to escape the rise of Adolph Hitler and the Nazi Party and went to Great Britain. His first English language motion picture was a 1940 Docudrama piece of propaganda entitled "Mein Kampf-My Crimes&quo…