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Ian Fleming's "James Bond": "Casino Royale" Times Three

On April 13, 1953 Ian Fleming introduced the World to "James Bond" in "Casino Royale". Since that publication date the story has appeared as a daily newspaper comic strip in Britain's "The Daily Express", on live television, and as two motion pictures. It's the last three this article is about.

Ask anyone who first portrayed Double Oh Seven and 99.9% would say Sean Connery. This group is thinking of the 1962 motion picture "Dr. No" and remembering the scene at the Baccart table. Where the audience sees Sylvia Trench (Eunice Grayon with the dubbed voice of Nikki ven der Zyl) ask the man across from her his name and Connery makes the classic reply: "BOND! James Bond!"

Problem is the other .1% know otherwise.

A Quick Publication Look At The Novel

The following cover is of the first edition and was designed by Ian Fleming himself.

The novel, note the name Pierce Bronson fans, was written at Fleming's "Goldeneye" Estate…

Warner Oland: A Jewish Cantor, A Werewolf, a Chinese Evil Master Mind and a Chinese Detective

Known for playing Fu Manchu and Charlie Chan was actor Warner Oland, but he wasn't Chinese. Warner Oland was Swedish.

On October 3, 1879 in the village of Nyby, Bjurholm Municipality, Vasterbotten County, Sweden, Johan Verner Oland was born. In 1892 when Johan was 13 the family moved to the United States and settled in Boston, Massachusetts were he finished his primary schooling. At some point he started working in the legitimate theater initially in set design, but this led to small acting roles.

In 1906, as an actor, Johan toured the United States with Russian emigre and popular actress Marem-ides Leventon known as Alla Nazimova and her company. His name was now Warner Oland.

A word about Alla Nazimova. The actress is credited with creating the term "Sewing Circle". Today most people think of a group of women meeting to gossip while sewing as a "Sewing Circle". In reality Nazimova used "Sewing Circle" as a "Code" to people she met to cove…