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THE KOREAN WAR: As Recreated By the Participants Upon the Movie Screen

From June 25, 1950 through July 27, 1953: 928,405 soldiers on both sides were killed, 177,925 soldiers on both sides became missing in action, 1,355,434 soldiers on both sides were wounded and 2,500,000 civilians were either killed or wounded.
The "Conflict" was known in American newspapers and the new medium of television news as the "KOREAN WAR". The problem was there wasn't any "Korean War". It was really only a "United Nations POLICE Action". 

This "Police Action" pitted South Korea, the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Turkey, Australia, the Philippines, New Zealand, Thailand, Ethiopia, Greece, France, Columbia, Belgium, South Africa, the Netherlands and Luxembourg on one side. Against North Korea, China and the Soviet Union on the other side.

It ended that July day in a "Armistice"being signed by all parties. It is still in effect today dividing the Korean Peninsula at the 38th parallel. There has never bee…