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Noble Johnson African-American Pioneer Actor:

Noble Johnson the Pioneer African-American Actor is buried five minutes from my home. He is just up the street from my Senior's community of "Friendly Valley" in another valley called "Eternal", His resting place is located in Newhall, California on Sierra Highway off of the 14 Freeway, Noble Johnson rests within the "Garden of Peace" in plot A-270.

The question is do you recognize his name?

Probably not, but if I said he portrayed the Chief of the natives of Skull Island in Merian C. Cooper's 1933 "King Kong". You would immediately recognize that character.

Noble Johnson the man and actor was anything, but that Chief spouting Hollywood Native Jibberish about turning Fay Wray into the Bride of Kong. This is the story of one of the finest early African-American actors in the motion picture industry. Who appeared in 145 films, wrote two early screen plays and produced one feature film among other accomplishments.

Noble Mark Johnson was bo…