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Before "STAR WARS". There Was Edgar Rice Burroughs

Known to most as the creator of  "Tarzan of the Apes" in 1912. There was more to Edgar Rice Burrough's creativity than John Clayton, Lord Greystoke and Jane Porter later Jane Porter Clayton, Lady Greystoke. His other works ranged from three books about an ex-Prize Fighter "The Mucker" series, four Westerns with titles like "The Bandit of Hell's Bend", historical novels such as "I Am a Barbarian" about a slave during Caligula's reign and science fiction that includes five complete series and four single novels.

As this is a motion picture blog I will be looking at the filmed versions of three of Edgar Rice Burroughs science fiction works: the lost continent of Caprona, the inner Earth world of Pellicudar and the planet Barsoom known to us as Mars, but first a short biography of the writer.