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REX AND RHODES REASON: Acting Brothers Often Confused By the Audience

In THIS ISLAND EARTH and KING KONG ESCAPES was that Rex, or Rhodes Reason? The two brothers popular in the 1950's and 1960's look and sound too much alike. This will hopefully clear the confusion for my reader, or not.

Above which is which?


Their parents were Rex George Reason and Jean Robinson Reason. While on a business trip in Berlin, Germany on November 30, 1928 Rex George Reason, Jr. was born. His parents moved back to the United States and on April 19, 1930 brother Rhodes was born near their home in Glendale, California. Besides their almost identical looks and sound to their voices. It should be noted that older brother Rex is one inch taller than Rhodes at 6 feet 3 inches.

I could not find much information about both brothers early life, but I know that in 1948, at the age  of 20, Rex was learning his stage craft at the prestigious "Pasadena Playhouse". While that same year, at the age of 18, Rhodes was appearing in some role in a …