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"IT!": the Forgotten Title Star of "It Came from Outer Space", "It Came From Beneath the Sea" and Three Other Science Fiction Classics

Lon Chaney, Sr. was "The Man of a Thousand Faces" during the Silent Film Era. Johnny Depp comes close as I write this article, but overlooked was an actor who appeared in Five Classic 1950's Science Fiction Motion Pictures.
Of course I'm referring to "IT!" Who had the title role in films by Ray Harryhausen.  Roger Corman and Jack Arnold. "It" always said he had a great agent that got "It" into some memorable Science Fiction work of the period.

This all began when "It" was cast as the title role of:
IT CAME FROM OUTER SPACE released May 27, 1953

At the height of the 3-D craze Universal International Studios made the decision to hire Science Fiction writer Ray Bradbury to create a story treatment that he called "The Meteor". Contrary to belief there was no short story previously written by Bradbury that was used. By this time among the writer's published works were "The Martian Chronicles" in 1950, "The…