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Ronald Reagan was a "Political Animal", but First he was an Actor.

In the last several political campaigns candidates for President from the "Grand Old Party" invoke the image of President Ronald Reagan and vie for which one of them is his true successor. This article is not about their Ronald Reagan, or the ex-Governor of my state of California I once voted for as a Reagan Democrat.

This is a look at Ronald Reagan the actor during his motion pictures and television years. However Ronald Reagan as I said became a "Political Animal" and this article will involve politics of a sort. As it revolves around the Screen Actors Guild before and during the McCarthy witch hunts. Also as you will read his politics affected his personal life in more ways than one.

I start my story in 1932 when Ronald Wilson Reagan graduated from Eureka College in Eureka Illinois. After which Reagan traveled to Iowa were he found work at different radio stations until he become the Sp…