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Samuel "Sam" Fuller: The Ever Present Cigar and Six Movies: "I Shot Jesse James" 1949, "The Baron of Arizona" 1950, "The Steel Helmet" 1951,"Pick Up on South Street" 1951, "Shock Corridor" 1963 and "The Big Red One" 1980

Producer, Director, Screenplay Writer, Novelist and Actor Samuel Michael Fuller was involved in the Motion Picture Industry for 61 years with a slight break for the Second World War. For 24 years his film work never garnish the credit he deserved. Then in 1960 after writing 30 screenplays, directing 16 motion pictures. producing 9 features and acting in one. Sam Fuller was "Discovered" and many of his passed over movies became genuine classics.

This is a short look at the man and six examples of his work I personally enjoyed and believe, if my reader has never seen them. They should!


Like many Jewish immigrants to the United States to avoid antisemitism Sam's father changed his name from Benjamin Rabinovitch to Ben Fuller. His mother was Rebecca Baun and Samuel Michael Fuller was born on August 12, 1912 in Worcester, Massachusetts. The Fuller family would consist of his three sisters, Evelyn, Tina, Rose and three brothers, Tom, Ving and Ray.  A "Scr…