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WILLIAM A. "WILD BILL" WELLMAN: "3" with JOHN WAYNE: "Island in the Sky", "The High and the Mighty" and "Blood Alley"

William A. Wellman directed John Wayne in three major hits in a row. Two by best selling author Ernest K. Gann. This is there story.

Left in picture William Wellman director, Andy Devine and John Wayne on the set of "Island in the Sky". The first of the three motion pictures I will discuss.

 I would really be shocked if any of my readers didn't know the name John Wayne. If you don't, or want to know him better. There are five links at the end of the article that give my reader a good feel for the actor.

However, most of my same readers do not know who William Augustus "Wild Bill" Wellman was and so let me introduce you to him. For those who might want a more detailed and loving look at the man after reading this article. I recommend his son William Wellman, Jr's biography Wild Bill Wellman: Hollywood Rebel.

William Wellman was born on February 29, 1896. Having a birthday only every four years would keep a person a lot younger than he looks. For those o…