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A Tale of WILLIAM CASTLE the Motion Picture "GIMMICK KING"

Famous for seven movies made between 1958 and 1962. Each with a "GIMMICK" to draw in the audience. William Castle’s story actually goes back to 1927 and the original Broadway Play “Dracula”.

Obviously I will not be going into the detail of every work he was involved in. 24 as Producer, 65 as Director, 18 as an Actor and 7 as the writer,  but when we come to those seven films, which I saw when they originally opened, I have some personal experiences to relate about those fun "Gimmicks".


William Schloss, Jr. was born on April 24, 1914 in New York City. His parents were Saidie (Snellenberg) and William Schloss. His mother passed away when the boy was nine and his father followed her a year later. William lived with his older sister until a vampire intervened.
It was in 1927 at the age of 13 that Bela Ferenc Dezo Blasko entered young William’s life and made a lasting impression on the teen. Schloss, Jr. went to see the play “Dracula” starring Blasko…