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LEIGH BRACKETT:: John Wayne Meets "The Queen of Space Opera"

LEIGH BRACKETT may not be a recognizable name to most of my readers, but if you're into Howard Hawks, John Wayne, Humphrey Bogart or George Lucas. You probably have seen some of her screenplays. If you're into Science Fiction stories and haven't read any of hers. Then you are missing Classic Science Fiction.

To be honest I first discovered Leigh Brackett while researching Howard Hawks and the movie "Rio Bravo". Although there is minimal biographical information on her in my article. This article tells her whole story. You can read about Hawks, "Rio Bravo" and its two sequels at:

Her full name was Leigh Douglas Brackett. It was that male sounding name that caused Howard Hawks to tell his secretary to call:
That Guy Brackett While looking for a third screenwriter on a Raymond Chandler story he was planning to film.

Leigh Brackett was born on December 7, 1915 in Los Angeles, but aft…