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CURT and ROBERT SIODMAK: Horror and Film Noir

EVEN A MAN WHO IS PURE IN HEART, AND SAYS HIS PRAYERS BY NIGHT-----The opening line to the explanation of what happens to a man bitten by a werewolf from Universal Studio's 1941 motion picture "THE WOLFMAN". 

That famous line was written by screenwriter Curt Siodmak.

This is the story of two brothers Curt (Kurt) and Robert Siodmak and their impact on both the American and German motion picture industries from the 1940's into the 1960's, According to Robert their last name is pronounced See-odd-mack.

Robert was born in Dresden, Germany August 8, 1900 and Curt two years later on August 10, 1902. Before either brother became involved in the German Cinema. Robert worked first as a banker and on the side became a director on the legitimate German stage. While brother Curt obtained a Doctorate in Mathematics, but started to write novels and became a newspaper reporter.

In 1925 Robert, who had also started writing novels, was hired by director Curtis Be…