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PAUL FIX: The Character Actor Who Taught John Wayne To Walk

PAUL FIX had a career consisting of a combination of 527 motion picture and television appearances. but most people wouldn't be able to put a face or role to his name. Let alone know that it was Fix who taught John Wayne that famous walk of his. However, if you were a fan of television's "The Rifleman". You knew the actor as "Marshal Micah Torrance", but that was 33 years after Paul Fix started acting.

Paul Fix was born on March 13, 1901 in Dobbs Ferry, New York, on the lower East Hudson River, and parents were both German immigrants. His father was a brew master named Wilhelm Fix and his mother was Louise C. Walz. They gave him the name of Peter Paul Fix, but some sources say he was born Paul Fix Morrison. Information to this strange last name can be found on page 200 of James Robert Parish's 1978 book "Hollywood Character Actors". According to Fix's niece, Carolyn E. Fix, those writers actually mixed up her Uncle's name with the birt…