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"The Mystery of "Sky King's": Dog: Remembering the Dog Stars of 1950's Television

There were many dog stars on 1950's television and this is about Six of them.

This article is dedicated to my dog late and missed Cockerpoo  Hannah Montana

                                                          Her BDGFF (Best Doggy Gilfriend Forever) Piggy

                                                  And the handsome Mr. Bentley

I am about to tell the three of them the story of Five 1950's television dog stars along with a mystery involving "The Dog That Wasn't There", or maybe was. So if Piggy, Hannah and Bentley will lay down around my chair I will start with the story of "The Adventures of Rin Tin Tin".Which I watched on our 20 inch television black and white television.set. Yes, I said black and white as the first television program to be televised in color was "Bonanza" in 1959 and even at that time those TV"s were still very expensive.

"The Adventures of Rin Tin Tin" was a favorite with most boys my age the day the…