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67 Years of WEREWOLF Movies and Variations: 1913 To 1980

The television program came on at 10 PM Saturday Night and was "SHOCK THEATER". I watched it on KABC-TV Channel 7 back in 1954 and 1955. "Shock Theater" was hosted by Maila Numi, but I only knew her as VAMPIRA! Those 1930's and 1940's Universal Monster movies scared the crap out of 8 year old Lloyd. I LOVED THEM even if I would hide under my bed's blanket at times and admittedly read comics books, because I couldn't fall asleep. 

Today these films are considered tame as compared with the slasher and horror films my 13 year old granddaughter watches. This article is a look at the first 67 years of WEREWOLF motion pictures, before that genre changed direction after Joe Dante's excellent "The Howling", on April 10, 1981, with more realistic transformations. While I enjoy those special effects and CGI transformations. I admittedly long for the more make-up applied of the following features.

In some of these years I will mention. There wer…