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Richard Eyer and Charles Herbert: Youthful Actors

What does a "Magic Lamp" and a "White Headed Fly" have in common?

They're both associated with movies featuring two of the most popular young actors of the 1950's and 1960's whose lives went in different directions as they got older. One good and one bad


Richard Eyer was born in Santa Monica, California on May 6, 1945.

I could not find much about his early life other than he had a younger brother Robert. Who would play the recurring role of "Kevin" on television's "Leave It To Beaver". Concerning Richard Eyer's start in the television and motion picture industry is he following is a quote from a 1995 interview he gave mentioning his mother and his acting career:
It was all her work that did it. I had curly hair, freckles, and people would say what a cute kid he was and all that; so my mother entered me in some children’s personality contests, and I won one of these which had been held at the Hollywood Bowl, an…