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Children's TV in 1950's L.A. Sheriff John, Engineer Bill, Skipper Frank, Tom Hatten and Others

It's the 1950's were many Children's shows were live and interactive with the kids appearing and participating not only in the Los Angeles Area, but many major television markets like Chicago and New York City.

There were similar type shows to the one's I will mention in all the major television markets around the country, but this article is a look at the some of my favorites I watched in Los Angles.

Before there was "Sesame Street", or "Mr. Rodgers" found his neighborhood. Millions of young preschool children sat in front of their 13, 15, or 17 inch black and white television sets to watch "Ding Dong School". Hosted by "Miss Francis" who actually was Francis Horwich.

"Miss Francis" prior to becoming the Nation's first televised preschool teacher earned her Masters Degree in Education at Columbia University and her Doctorate at Northwestern University. Each morning as the show began, starting Novemb…