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ATLANTIS, LEMURIA AND MU: The Lost Continents In Science Fiction Movies

What is the connection between "Dr. Who", "B" Cowboy stars Gene Autry and Ray "Crash" Corrigan, Bela Lugosi, Doug McClure, Kenji Sahara, the Kaiju's known as "Gojira" and "Gamera" and "Captain America"? Those answers await my reader. 

In 360 B.C. the Greek Philosopher Plato first mentioned "Atlantis". According to legend, or not, there were actually three great continents that between the current land masses. They were "Atlantis" located in the Atlantic Ocean, "Lemuria" located partly in both the Indian and Pacific Oceans and "Mu". Which was located either in the Pacific, or Atlantic Oceans. Depending upon whose version you read. I will get into that discrepancy later.

Did these LOST CONTINENTS exist? Who knows for sure, but remnants of civilizations have been found under the three oceans I have mentioned. Where any of these sunken remains part of an advanced civilization that at so…