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CENSORSHIP Protecting (?) America's Morality in Motion Pictures: 1923 to 1971

RHODA PENMARK IS A 9 YEAR OLD EMOTIONLESS MURDERESS! In 1954 nine year old actress Patty McCormack portrayed Rhoda for 334 performances on the Broadway Stage in Maxwell Anderson's version of William March's novel "The Bad Seed." Director Mervyn LeRoy turned Anderson's play into a 1956 motion picture. He cast Patty McCormack as Rhoda.

Once the movie was ready to be released PATTY MCCORMACK WAS NOT PERMITTED TO SEE IT. The Motion Picture Board of Review rated the film for "No One Under the Age of 16" and the actress who portrayed Rhoda Penmark on Broadway and in the motion picture was only 11 at the time. Although her parents saw the film in a private screening room on the Warner Brothers Studio's Lot. Jack L. Warner was afraid of the power of both the Review Board and the Catholic League of Decency. Had it gotten out that he had let "Underage" Patty McCormack view the picture, even in that private screening room, his studio would have becom…

Robert Newton IS "Long John Silver": The Definitive Motion Picture Pirate of the Caribbean

FIVE DECADES before "Walt Disney Pictures" released "Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl" and Johnny Depp donned the costume of "Captain Jack Sparrow". Walt Disney himself made Robert Lewis Stevenson's "Treasure Island" and ROBERT NEWTON was "LONG JOHN SILVER".

Perhaps earlier, but at least since 1916 when Lillian Gish portrayed Daphne La Tour in the silent feature "Daphne and the Pirate". The World has been in love with Pirates aka: Swashbucklers aka Buccaneers in motion pictures.

Among the swashbuckling movies that followed "Daphne and the Pirate" were Douglas Fairbanks, Sr. as 1926's "The Black Pirate". Twenty-one years later Douglas Fairbanks, Jr. fought a group of pirates after Alexander the Greats Treasure in "Sinbad the Sailor", but back in 1935 movie goers had watched Errol Flynn as the dashing "Captain Blood". While Tyrone Power portrayed "Jamie Wari…