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PETER LORRE: Overlooked, or Forgotten Performances

PETER LORRE (Laszlo Lowenstein) was a Jewish Austro-Hungarian actor. At the age of 17 the young man ran away from home to become a stage actor. In 1929, with the small role of a patient in a dentist chair, he moved to the German Cinema as Adolph Hitler was slowly consolidating his power base. In 1931 in only his third motion picture. Lowenstein under his stage name of Peter Lorre shocked even Germany as Child Murderer "Hans Beckert" in director Fritz Lang's classic "M". This thriller was written by Lang and his then wife Thea Von Harbou.

Before I continue. For those of my readers interested in the works of Fritz Lang that included two silent classics "Metropolis", 1927, and the film where Lang and his wife created the rocket count down "Frau im Mond (The Women in the Moon)", 1929. My article on the director can be found at:

Like Fritz Lang and other actors and dir…