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Prince Namor, the Submariner, and Frank Castle aka: The Punisher were in Marvel's Civil War. Galactus and Dr. Victor Von Doom fought in the Infinity War. Just a sample of the differences between MARVEL'S CINEMATIC UNIVERSE and MARVEL'S COMIC BOOK UNIVERSE that started it all. Question: Do you know who Adam Warlock is?

I will be comparing two specific motion pictures "Captain America: Civil War" (2016) and "Avengers: Infinity War" (2018) and how they differ from the original Comic Book Universe created by Stan Lee.

I enjoy all the motion pictures and this is not meant to say One Universe is better than the other. My purpose is to give those readers who only know the motion pictures. A look at the original comics and the intricacies of the story lines.

Due to the Nature of the Beast. This article is a SPOILER for those unfamiliar with the Comic Universe. Especially as it applies to the "Infinity War".


The Cinematic Civil War

The Cinematic characters are drawn from the four major series at the time of production. Which were "Iron Man", "Captain America", "Thor" and "The Avengers". Along with "Ant-Man" whose back story appeared the year prior in 2015. Additionally there were two not previously seen Marvel Super Human Hero's. The back story motion picture for "Spider-Man" wasn't released until the following year 2017 and the "Black Panther's" back story not until .2018.

Which major Marvel characters were in the motion picture?

Steve Rodgers aka: Captain America
Tony Stark aka: Iron Man
Natasha Romanoff aka: Black Widow
James Buchanan "Bucky" Barnes aka: Winter Soldier
Sam Wilson aka: Falcon
James "Rhodey" Rhodes aka: War Machine
Clint Barton aka: Hawkeye
T'Challa aka: Black Panther
Wanda Maximoff aka: Scarlet Witch
Scott Lang aka: Ant Man
Sharon Carter
Peter Parker aka: Spider-Man
Brock Rumtow aka: Crossbones
Thaddeus "Thunderbolt" Ross
Helmut Zemo

The following is the basic plot of the motion picture. Which anyone that has never seen the film can find on line.

In 1991 the terrorist group known as "Hydra" sends out the "Winter Soldier" to intercept an automobile, The car is carrying a case of the "Super Soldier Serum" that turned "Steve Rodgers" and "James Buchanan Barnes" into "Captain America" and the "Winter Soldier".

An Aside:
The original "Bucky" was a 16 year old boy orphaned "Army Brat" during World War 2. Who originally would hang out at an Army base in the United States and was befriended by the soldiers.

The plot now switches to 2016 and indicates that the story is approximately one year after the events of the motion picture "Avengers: Age of Ultron" (2015). In the Nigerian State of Lagos ":Crossbones" is attempting to steal a biological weapon. Members of the "Avengers": "Captain America", "Black Widow", "Falcon" and the "Scarlet Witch" are sent there to stop him.

However, things do not go as planned. When "Crossbones" attempts to kill "Captain America" in an explosion, "Crossbones", instead, will be killed, but in an attempt to prevent more damage from the explosion. The "Scarlet Witch" uses telekinesis to throw the explosion into the sky, but it still hits a building. Where several Wakandan humanitarian workers are killed,

U.S. Secretary of State "Thaddeus Ross" informs the "Avengers" that the United Nations is preparing to pass the "Sokovia Accords". Which will establish a U.N. panel to oversee the "Avengers" and take appropriate action if necessary against them.

That law will split the "Avengers" into two camps and eventually lead to the film's "Civil War".

"Tony Stark", because of his part in the creation of "Ultron" and the devastation caused in Sokovia by the "Avengers". Will support the Accords, but "Steve Rodgers" does not. He has more faith in his own judgment. Over any government panel that is not on the scene might have from New York, or another location.

Meanwhile "Helmut Zemo" murders the "Winter Soldier's" old handler, steals the book with the instructions on controlling "Bucky" and plans to turn him loose. "Zemo's" first use of the "Winter Soldier" is planting a bomb at the United Nations meeting called to ratify the accords in Vienna, Austria. It goes off killing the King of Wakanda and brings on the wrath of the new "Black Panther", his son "T'Challa".

"Rodgers" and "Wilson" track "Barnes" to Bucharest. Where they plan to stop "T'Challa" from taking any action against the "Winter Soldier", but all four are captured. At this time "Bucky" has become his normal self, but impersonating a psychiatrist. "Zemo" is able to see "Barnes" and turns him back into the "Winter Soldier".

"Steve Rodgers" once again is able to stop his friend and is informed that it was "Zemo" who planted the bomb and framed "Bucky". "Barnes" also mentions a "Hydra" base with more "Winter Soldier's" in cryogenic stasis.

"Steve Rodgers" and "Sam Wilson" go rogue to stop "Zemo" and destroy the base. "Captain America" is able to recruit the "Scarlet Witch", "Hawkeye" and "Ant-man" to join him on his mission.

"Tony Stark" goes to the "Secretary of State" and convinces him that he can put together a team to stop the "Rogue Avengers". "Iron Man" recruits the "Black Widow", "Spider-Man", "War Machine", "Vision" and "Black Panther". THE CINEMATIC CIVIL WAR HAS BEGUN!

The very short Civil War battle, though, comes at Leipzig-Halle Airport when the two groups meet.

The battle results in "Natasha Romanoff" letting "Steve Rodgers and "Bucky Barnes" escape. She will leave the airport and go into exile. The rest of "Cap's" Team are captured and brought to "The Raft Prison" a site designed for "Super Hero" prisoners. During the battle "James Rhoades" was accidentally shot by "Vision" and is paralyzed from the waist down.

An aside:In "The Avengers: Age of Ultron" "Vision"was created by "Ultron"with the "Mind Stone" placed in his forehead. "Thor" will make, in passing, the first reference to the "Infinity Stones" in the Cinematic Universe.

"Tony Stark" finally discovers the truth about the bombing and "Zemo". He convinces "Sam Wilson" to give him the information as to where "Rodgers" and "Barnes" are headed. Without informing the Secretary of State."Stark" heads for the "Hydra' facility.

At the facility we have the final confrontation and the end of the Cinematic Civil War.

"Zemo" will be captured and taken to the authorities by "T'Challa". "Tony Stark" discovers it was the "Winter Soldier" who killed his parents in the car attack in 1991. "Tony" will attack "Bucky" and "Steve" not over the attack, but because "Rodger's" knew the truth and never told him. At the end of that fight "Tony Stark" appears a broken man over all the events that have transpired. While "Steve" and "Bucky" just walk away.

In the aftermath "Tony" creates exoskeleton leg braces that enables "James" to walk again. "Steve", during the film's closing credits, brakes his allies out of "The Raft", and goes into exile with "Black Widow". While "Bucky" is granted asylum in Wakanda and goes into cryogenic sleep until they can find a permanent cure for him.

The Comic Book Civil War

For my readers who would like to experience the original version of Marvel's Civil War. You may not want to read on, if you now plan to acquire these collections.

Marvel has combined different stories from different related titles into specific collections. You can experience the Comic Book Universe's Civil War story by reading just two of these collections and be amazed at the difference to the Cinematic version.

The first of these two is entitled appropriately: "Road to the Civil War". This back story begins with a meeting between::

Tony Stark aka: Iron Man
Dr. Stephen Vincent Strange aka: Dr. Strange
Professor Francis Charles Xavier aka: Professor X
Dr. Reed Richards aka: Mister Fantastic
Blackagar Boltagon aka: Black Bolt
Prince Namor, the Submariner

These six are known in the Marvel Comic Universe as "The Illumiati".


Additional characters in this collection include

T'Challa aka: the Black Panther
Dr. Robert Bruce Banner aka: the Hulk
Peter Parker aka: Spider-Man
Steve Rodgers aka: Captain America
Susan 'Sue' Storm aka: Invisible Girl
Jonathan "Johnny" Storm aka: the Human Torch
Benjamin "Ben" Grimm aka: the Thing
Dr. Victor Von Doom aka Dr. Doom
Colonel Nicholas Fury aka: Nick Fury
Boris Bullski aka: Titanium Man
Mary Jane Watson Parker
Aunt May

The 160 pages of this combined work contains "The New Avengers: Illuminati One Shot" (2006), "The Amazing Spider Man" (1999) issues 529 through 531, "Fantastic Four" (1997) issues 536 and 537.

The secret group known as "The Illuminati" meet and are surprised by the arrival of "T'Challa". The topic of this meeting is the information different "Super Hero's" possessed. Which might have either prevented disastrous results or a success, if other's had known it. "Tony Stark" proposes that the "Illuminati"become a "United Nations for Super Heroes". All future information will pass through them to given to the appropriate hero and mission. The African King known as the "Black Panther" warns them that such a control, by a single group, could have unforeseen consequences. The vote will be taken to go ahead with "Stark's" plan. A foreshadowing of what will cause the "Civil War".

After hearing of the plan from "Tony Stark". "Steve Rodgers" like "T'Challa" voices his concerns.

Meanwhile "Peter Parker" is befriending "Stark" and as part of their new friendship. A specially created "Stark Enterprises" "Spider-Man" suit is given to the young man with the secret identity. This friendship will have a future effect on "Peter's" wife "Mary-Jane" and his "Aunt May". What both "Steve Rodgers" and "T'Challa" were concerned about.

"Spider-Man" will do battle with the Russian known as "Titanium Man", but sensing what is coming.. Like the "Black Panther" to the "Illuminati". The Russian warns the young American to be careful and not trust everyone such as "Tony Stark".

"Doctor Victor Von Doom" is after "Mjolnir" the hammer of "Thor". Previously others have felt its power including in crossover events D.C.'s "Superman" and "Wonder Woman". The hammer is somewhere on Earth and "Doom" wants it as "The Fantastic Four" attempt to stop him. All of these and other "Super Hero" actions are under the scrutiny of the United States Congress. Where a small group waits for something to go wrong. "Dr. Reed Richards" considers "Dr. Doom" acquiring "Mjolnir" potentially such as incident.

"Nick Fury" also has concerns about the appearance of so many new "Super Heroes and the lack of control over them. He has instructed "S.H.E.I/L.D. (Supreme Headquarters, International Espionage, Law-Enforcement Division)" to develop a group to track down what will be known as "Rogue Super Heroes".

All that is needed is a flash point to set things off and that is about to happen in the most unlikely of spots.

The second of the collections is called simply "CIVIL WAR" (2006 to 2007). It contains issues 1 through 7 of that title and is the basic Comic Universe's "Civil War" story.

It begins when the following four Super Villains are spotted by "The New Warriors" in the quiet town of Stamford, Connecticut.

Ralph Roberts aka: Cobalt Man
Kateri Deseronto aka: Coldheart
Joss Sharpe aka: Speedfreak
Robert Hunter aka: Nitro

The "The New Warriors" are into Reality Television and broadcast their live captures of Super Villains. The members present in Stamford are

Dwayne Taylor aka: Night Thasher
Namorita Prentiss 
Richard Rider aka: Nova
Zachary Smith, Jr. aka: Microbe

"Coldheart" is spotted taking trash out of a safe house, but she also sees "The Young Warriros". Calling for help a fight breaks out being broadcast on television across the United States and into Canada. A school bus full of young children comes upon the scene. The insane "Nitro" decides to blow himself up. In the end the Stamford death toll will reach 612 people including all the children on the school bus.

Below "Captain America" and "Iron Man" survey what is left of the small town and assist with other "Super Heroes" in looking for and treating the survivors. .

The flash point has ignited and Congress will act as protests against "Super Hero's" descend upon Washington D.C. and are seen across the country.

The result is what becomes known as the "Super-Human Registration Act" aka: (SRA, S.R.A. or SHRA). Quoting the "Marvel Database" :
---a legislative bill bill which was passed into law in the United States of America , enforcing the mandatory registration of super-powered individuals with the government, 


As the World already knows that "Tony Stark" is "Iron Man", who "The Fantastic Four" are and the story of "Steve Rodgers" aka: "Captain America". It would seem that all six would be in favor of the act, but "Rodgers" is not. As is "Sue Richards. They both believe the law will have an impact not only on the Super Hero, but more importantly their love ones. Which brings me to an illustration with one of the supplemental collections I will speak to at the end of this part of my article.. This collection concerns "Peter Parker.

As already mentioned"Tony" and "Peter" have become good friends. He convinces the young Super Hero to reveal to the World his identity. This will show "Steve Rodgers" and his supporters that nothing bad will happen. "Peter" does reveal himself, but "Tony Stark" will be proven wrong.

"Civil War: Amazing Spider-Man" (1999,) contains issues 532 through 538  of the "Amazing Spider-Man" series for 168 pages. This supplemental collection mentions the trip "Peter Parker" takes with "Tony Stark" to Washington, D.C. and the revealing that he is Spider-Man". However, what is not shown in the basic collection called "Civil War". Is what was going on in "Peter's" personal life over "Stark's" request and more importantly how his life is affected afterwards.

This will include a hit-man sent to kill both "Mary Jane" and "Aunt May" in retaliation for actions taken by "Spider-Man". The hit man does succeed in shooting "Aunt May" at the climax of issue 538 and she appears mortally injured. To find out what happens next? My reader would need to have issue 539. Which has nothing to do with the Comic Book Universe's Civil War.

The above example gives my readers how much more involved the Comic Universe Civil War is to the Cinematic.

It is what actually happens to "Peter" that strengthens "Steve Rodger's" argument to "Tony Stark". That there would be consequences in the personal lives of the other Super-humans. "Tony" instead will support "Nick Fury". Who has gotten the government to agree that any registered Super-Human becomes an "Agent of S.H.E.I.L.D.". That they will  lawfully be backed by the government to apprehend and incarcerate, in Raft Security Prison, not only Super-Human Villains, but "ROGUE" Super Hero's. Such as the now outlawed "Captain America" and his followers.

It should be noted that before the fighting is over. "Peter Parker" in an effort to defend his own family will change sides from "Tony" to "Steve'".

For me to illustrate a major difference between the Cinematic and Comic Universe's. The following list is a small sample of those characters, I have not already mentioned, but were also involved in some point of the "Comic Book Universe's Civil War"

Rachel Summers aka: Marvel Girl
Scott Summers aka: Cyclops
James Howlett aka: Logan aka: Wolverine
William "Bill" Barrett Foster aka: Goliath
Jennifer Walters aka: the She Hulk
Norrin Radd aka: Silver Surfer

Robert "Robbie" Baldwin aka: Speedball
Carol Susan Jane Danvers aka: Captain Marvel
Lucas Bishop
Neena Thurman aka: Domino
Gavedra-Seven aka: Shatterstar
Ruth Bat-Seraph aka: Sabra
Scott Wright aka: Micromax
Thor Odinson aka: Thor
Frank Castle aka: The Punisher
Tandy Bowen aka: Dagger
Tyrone "Ty" Johnson aka: Cloak
Tony Masters aka: Taskmaster

The "Civil War" will range between the two sides in different places and with different groups against others. At one point "Tony Stark's" and "Steve Rodger's" groups, partly seen below, will have to join together to fight a group of Super Villains freed from "Raft Prison".

In the end "Captain America" looks around at the carnage they are causing and into the eyes of the frightened citizens of New York. Who are also split over which side they support during the "Super Hero Civil War". "Cap" realizes there is only one alternative. "Captain America" removes his mask and surrenders to "Tony Stark" to stop it all. "Stark" and "S.H.I.E.L.D." have captured "Steve Rodgers", but not the symbol that is "Captain America".

As with the "Civil War: Amazing Spider-Man" there are other supplemental collections filling in the blanks pertaining to the actions within the "Comic Universe's Civil War" of the different players.

 These collections are:

"Civil War: Captain America" containing "Captain America" (2004) issues 22 through 24 and "Winter Soldier: Winter Kill One Shot" (2004) for 112 pages.

"Civil War: X-Men" (2004) issues 1 through 4 for 112 pages.

"Civil War: Iron Man" (2007) contains "Iron Man/Captain America: Casualties of War" and "Iron Man" issues 13 and 14 plus "Civil War: The Confession" for 112 pages.

"Civil War: Wolverine" (2007) issues 42 through 48 for 112 pages.

"Civil War: Punisher War Journal"
(2007) contains issues 1 through 4 for 101 pages.

"Civil War: the Fantastic Four" (2010) contains "Fantastic Four" issues 538 through 543 for 176 pages.

"Civil War: Young Avengers and Runaways" (2007) contains "Young Avengers" issues 1 through 4 for 112 pages.

"Civil War: Marvel Universe" (2005) contains "Winter Soldier: Winter Kills", "Civil War" Choosing Sides", "Return of the She-Hulk" issue 8 for 136 pages.

During the entire "Civil War" there are two reporters working together to cover it. Their names are "Sally Floyd" and "Ben Urich". Their complete story, with a different perspective than all the above, can be read in "Civil War: Front Line Vol. 1" A 208 page collection covering the 2006 issues 1 through 6 and "Civil War: Front Line Vol. 2" issues 7 through 11 for 160 pages. Completing the "Front Line" series.

Between June 25, 2008 and February 25, 2009 there was a three issue set entitled "The Death of Captain America: The Death of a Dream", "The Death of Captain America: The Burden of Dreams" and "The Death of Captain America: The Man Who Bought America".
For those unfamiliar with the "Comic Universe", but familiar with the "Cinematic Universe" only. These three comics tell you how "Captain America" was murdered, by whom, and who took up the banner to become the "New Captain America". Some of you in that group may have heard stories, or have guessed, but here is really what happened at THE END OF THE CIVIL WAR to the imprisoned "Steve Rodgers" .


The Cinematic Infinity War

As I mentioned above:
In the Cinematic Universe film "Avengers: Age of Ultron", The viewer sees "Ultron" materialize what appears to be a gem of some sort and put it into the head of the body that becomes "Vision". What that gem is in actuality the audience does not know. They are given a clue after "Thor" has his "VISION" while in what is in actually "The Infinity Well"  of the "Infinity Stones". Tells the "Avengers", in passing, of what he dreamed. Along with giving a name to "Ultron's new creation. In the Cinematic  "Captain America: Civil War" that followed. There is no mention of the "Infinity Stones".

The Marvel characters appearing in the motion picture:

Tony Stark aka: Iron ManThor Odinson aka: Thor
Dr. Robert Bruce Banner aka: the Hulk
Steve Rodgers aka: Captain America
Natasha Romanoff aka: Black Widow
Dr. Stephen Vincent Strange aka: Dr. Strange
James "Rhodey" Rhodes aka: War Machine
Peter Park aka: Spider-Man
T'Challa aka: Black Panther
Shuri (The sister of T'Challa)
Wanda Maximoff aka: Scarlet Witch
Sam Wilson aka: Falcon
James Buchanan "Bucky" Barnes aka: Winter SoldierLoki
Brandt (Her First Name is Unknown) aka: Mantis
Arthur Dogulas aka: Drax the Destroyer
Johann Schmidt aka: the Red Skull
Gamora Zen Whoberi Ben Titan
Peter Quill aka: Star Lord
Pepper Pots
Tanleer Tivan aka: the Collector

Ebony Maw
Cull Obsidian
Proxima Midnight
Corvus Glaive
Thaddeus "Thunderbolt" Ross
Maria Hall

Nicholas Joseph "Nick" Fury

Some of the above characters are only seen in the opening sequence and the last two in a quick sequence during the closing credits.

As the above indicates "Avengers: Infinity War" was designed as a two part production.


The Infinity STONES of "Avengers: Infinity War"
1. The Power Stone
2. The Mind Stone
3. The Space Stone
4. The Reality Stone
5, The Soul Stone
6. The Time Stone

The Marvel Cinematic Universe tends to combine features at times. In the case of this motion picture  an event during the closing credits of "Thor: Ragnarok" (2017), becomes the opening of this picture. The audience had seen "Asgard" destroyed and "King Thor" saving his subjects in a large spacecraft. During the closing credit sequence the spacecraft is captured by an even larger ship.

The audience learns that this larger craft is controlled by "Thanos" and his Lieutenants. "Thanos" has already acquired the "Power Stone" from the Planet Zandar. For a Cinematic history of that planet. See the motion picture "Guardians of the Galaxy" (2014). 
A battle with the survivors of "Asgard" now occurs resulting in "Thanos: extracting the "Space Stone": from the "Tesseract". For an explanation of the "Tesseract" as it applies to the Cinematic Universe and found during World War 2 by "Steve Rodgers". See the motion picture "The Avengers" (2012).
The resulting fight ends with "Thor" being overpowered by "Thanos" and his Lieutenants. "Loki" is actually killed and the "Hulk" transported to Earth by the bridge keeper of Ashard, "Heimdall", who is in turn killed. As "Thanos" and his Lieutennt's leave he orders the larger ship and all inside obliterated.

The opening credits roll and then cut to the "Hulk" crashing through the roof of the "Sanctum Sanctorum" the home of "Dr. Strange". For the record it

An Aside:The :Sanctum Sanctorum" is located at 177A Bleecker Street, in the Greenwich Village section of New York. The address is a reference to an apartment shared by the original writers of the character for Marvel.

"Dr. Banner" tells "Dr. Strange' and "Wong" that "Thanos" is coming and plans to destroy half the life in the Universe. "Strange" decides to contact "Tony Stark" and recruit him to fight "

However, "Maw" and "Obsidian" arrive to carry out their mission of getting the "Time Stone" worn by "Dr. Strange". The two Lieutenants come to the attention of "Peter Parker" as he swings through the city. "Spider-Man" attempts to stop them getting the "Time Stone" worn by "Strange", but the mystic is captured and both "Parker" and "Stark" will pursue into space.

Next "Bruce Banner" contacts the exiled "Steve Rodger's" and "Natasha Romanoff". While "Wong' stays behind to guard the "Sanctum Sanctorum" from the minions of "Thanos".

The audience is now introduced to a bearded "Steve Rodgers" and a blonde "Natasha Romanoff". Disguises in exile?

Switch to Scotland and the home of "Vision" and "Wanda Maximoff". "Midnight" and "Glaive" attack, but "Rodgers", "Romanoff" and "Sam Wilson" arrive to fight them off. The two lieutenants of "Thanos" are after the "Mind Stone" "Ultron" implanted in "Vision's" forehead. The group goes to the "Avenger's Compound" and meets "Banner" and "James Rhodes". "Steve" suggests that to protect "Vision" and the "Mind Stone" they all go to "Wakanda". "Rodger's" believes that the sister of "T'Challa", "Shuri", has the knowledge to remove the stone from "Vision" without injuring him in anyway.

Switch to the spacecraft of the "Guardians of the Galaxy". They have received a distress call from the Asgardian  space craft as it was being captured by "Thamos". The "Guardians" arrive to find the ship's remains, but pick up the life signs of "Thor". After rescuing him and he explains his belief that "Thanos" is after the "Reality Stone". Which is in the possession of "The Collector". The team splits up and "Rocket" and "Groot" go with "Thor" to "Nioavellir". The planet where all Asgardian weapons were created. It is "Thor's" hope the "Eitri" can create a weapon capable of destroying "Thanos". "Quill", "Gamora", "Drax" and "Mantis" head for "Nowhere". Located at the extreme outer edge of Space Time, without any specific location, in short "Nowhere". Their mission is to get the "Reality Stone" from "The Collector".

On "Nowhere" the "Guardians" find "Thanos" and there is a sequence where his adoptive daughter "Gamora" kills him, but then it turns out to be the work of the "Reality Stone". Before the others can stop "Thamos" he kidnaps "Gamora". The audience also learns the history of "Thanos" and "Gamora". A direct connection with the "Comic Book Universe" in this feature.

On his space craft "Thanos" forces "Gamora" to reveal the location of the "Soul Stone". She only does this to the save life of her adoptive "Sister" "Nebula". "Thanos" than takes "Gamora" to the planet known as "Vormire" where the "Red Skull" meets them. He tells the two that the only way a person can obtain the "Soul Stone" is to kill someone they truly love. "Thanos" pushes "Gamora" off a cliff and obtains the stone.

Now the action picks up the pace as it switches back and forth between the different groups of heroes. "Nebula" escapes and contacts "Quill", "Drax" and "Mantis" to meet her on "Titan" the home world of "Thanos". Cut to "Tony Stark" and "Peter Parker" on another space craft rescuing "Dr. Strange" by killing "Maw". Switch back to "Titan" where the three arrive and join the others.

"Dr. Strange" looks into the future at millions of possible results for a battle with "Thanos". There is only ONE in which he looses.

"Thanos" arrives and reveals his plan to stop the overpopulation of the Universe by killing half of that population. "Nebula" realizes that he murdered "Gamora" and this enrages "Quill". He attacks "Thanos" and as a result "Tony Stark" is seriously injured, but  before "Stark" is killed. "Dr. Strange" surrenders the "Time Stone" to save him and "Thanos" leaves.

Switch to Walkanda and "Steve Rodgers" who reunites with the now cured "James Buchanan 'Bucky' Barnes". Along with "T'Challa" they plan for the country's defense against the Lieutenant's of "Thanos".


The film's climatic battle begins as "Shuri" continues to try and remove the "Mind Stone" from "Vision".

"Bruce Banner" is having the unusual problem of turning into the "Hulk". "Hulk" doesn't want to fight anymore, or hurt people. So "Banner" fights the forces of "Midnight" and "Obsidian" in what is described as "Hulk Armour". .

Joining the battle are "Thor" with his "Thanos" killing weapon, "Rocket" and "Groot". "Vision" can not let everyone else fight the battle and stops the operation to remove the fifth Stone needed by "Thanos" to finish assembling the power of "The Infinity Gauntlet". However, "Thanos" arrives and in a fight kills "Vision" and pulls the stone from his forehead. "Thor" uses his weapon on "Thanos", but only succeeds in severely injuring him and before a second blast can occur. "Thanos" teleports from Wakanda.

Suddenly half of those present start dissolving and disappear. "Thanos" has won for the moment. Those who disappear include: "Barnes", "T'Challa", "Groot", "Maximoff", "Wilson", "Mantis", "Quill", "Drax", "Strange" and "Parker". In a sequence during the closing credits. The audience sees "Nick Fury" stopping his car and watching people in New York disappearing. He starts to make a cell phone call and along with Shield Agent "Maria Hill" disappear also. On the phone appears the symbol for the female "Captain Marvel". Leaving the audience to know she will appear in the second part of the picture.


The picture opens at "Hawkeye's" home that was seen in "Avengers: Age of Ultron". "Hawkeye" is teaching his daughter how to shoot a bow. He turns around for a moment and when he turns back she has disappeared. Then he notices his wife and son's have also disappeared.

Switch to "Tony Stark" floating in space within what was "Star Lord's" space craft. He is with the now friendly "Nebula". They are dying and running out of food and air. Suddenly there is a bright light and "Captain Marvel" appears. Switch to "Captain America", "Black Widow", "Rocket", "James Rhodes" and "Thor". Suddenly on the lawn "Captain Marvel" brings the space craft containing a very ill "Tony" and "Nebula". They learn from "Nebula" the location of "Thanos", go there, and in a rage he is killed by "Thor". Switch to five years later.

At this point the surviving "Avengers" of "Thanos" original attack, along with others, are getting on with their lives. Suddenly in a storage unit, a rat causes the quantum realm converter "Ant Man" was trapped inside to come to life and out pops "Scott Lang". Who discovers what has happened and goes to find the remaining "Avengers". Speaking to "Natasha Romanoff" and "Steve Rodgers" he explains a plan to go back in time, find the "Infinity Stones", and bring everyone back.

This starts the three to locate the surviving "Avengers", convince "Tony Stark" to stop his war with "Steve Rodgers", go back in time and retrieve the stones. At this point "Tony" is married to "Pepper" and they have a five year old girl. There follows a reworking of scenes from several of the motion pictures as different members of the "Avengers" avoid themselves. In one instance"Tony Stark" meets his father and in another the good "Nebula" meets the bad.

One team is "Hawkeye" and "Black Widow" who go after the soul stone. As in "Avengers: Infinity War" they meet the "Red Skull". "Natasha" dies so that "Clint" can retrived the stone. Meanwhile, "Thanos" discovers what is happening in another time line. That contains the evil "Neubula" and a living "Gamora".

Eventually a new "Infinity Gauntlet" is assembled. The now light green merged "Bruce Banner" and "Hulk". Takes the gauntlet and puts it on to bring everyone back. While, at the same time, crossing into this time line is another version of"Thanos". A battle will be fought, that will bring all the heroes from all the films and "Captain Marvel", against this new and "Thanos" and his army of conquest.He will be defeated, but at the cost of "Tony Stark's" life. "Steve Rodgers" goes back in time to replace the stones and restore the time line, but doesn't return. Then sitting beside a lake is an old "Steve Rodgers". Who stayed in the past to marry the women he loved. The movie ends with the funeral of "Tony Stark".

The Comic Book Infinity War

Before I proceed explaining the "Infinity War" in the Comic Book Universe. I would point out the title of the Cinematic version is specifically "Avengers: Infinity War". There is no question that war revolves around "The Avengers" and is tailored to that Cinematic Group the audience knows. The Comic Universe is large and different titles are combined into Five collections to make up the "Infinity War Saga" and revolves around many characters, but two recurring ones specifically. They are "Thanos" and a mystic being known as "ADAM WARLOCK".
The 1600 page Comic Universe story line was written by Jim Starlin. Who created, or co-created, the majority of the character's involved in these five collections. Starlin also worked for D.C. Comics and created "Deadseed" among others. Jim Starlin started in this field in the early 1970's.



IF my reader plans on reading these collections. Than please write down their titles and I suggest not reading the actual article. Otherwise, enjoy the imagination of Comic Book writer Jim Starlin.

When reading this saga. My reader will discover there is an underlining Religious tone to some of the events. Something that is not part of the Cinematic Universe.

The first collection in the "Infinity War Saga" was entitled: 
"Silver Surfer: Rebirth of Thanos". The following list of characters is basically in order of importance to this collection and not to the overall "Infinity War".

Norrin Radd aka: Silver Surfer
Thanos of Titan
Mistress Death
Arthur Douglas aka: Drax the Destroyer
The In-Betweener
Champion the Elder
The Gardener the Elder
The Runner the Elder
The Grand Master
Tanleer Tivan aka: the Collector
Captain Nebula
The Impossible Man
Adam Warlock
Mar-Vell aka: Captain Marvel
Lord Chaos
Master Order
First Officer Styx

Cameo Appearances by:

Jennifer Walters aka: the She Hulk
Steve Rodgers aka: Captain America
Peter Parker aka: Spider-Man
Tony Stark: aka: Iron Man
Benjamin 'Ben" Grimm aka: the Thing
Jonathan "Johnny" Storm aka: the Human Torch

The 224 pages of this collection includes: "Silver Surfer" (1987) issues 34 through 38 and the mini-series "Thanos Quest" (1990).

This is the set up for what will become the "Infinity War". Within are two back stories. The first is how "Thamos" died and second is the origin of, not "Infinity Stones", but the Six "Infinity Gems".

1. The Soul Gem
2. The Time Gem
3. The Space Gem
4. The Mind Gem
5. The Reality Gem
6. The Power Gem

I want to start telling the story, in this collection, by first taking those back stories out of order of there appearances. I will let Jim Starlin's own words tell both tales.

The "Silver Surfer" speaks to "Captain America" at the "Avenger's" base and is told the following by "Steve Rodgers":
Thanos may well have been the most dangerous foe the Avengers ever experienced.
We sort of inherited this headache. originally, Thanos, was the Late Captain Marvel's problem, but proved to be more than the Kree Warrior and his Titan Allies could handle alone.
Thanos was backed by an army of Galactic Mercenaries and was always spinning some sort of Universe-Threatening Plot. His schemes finally escalated to the point where he gained possession of the Cosmic Cube, an Astral Aladdin's Lamp.
That's when we Avengers were pulled into the chase.
Thanos used the Cosmic Cube to turn himself into GOD. He became everything in the Universe and everything was him.
That imaginative little move made him darn well unstoppable. Fortunately, we didn't give him time to adjust to this OMNIPOTENT STATE OF BEING.
The Avengers and I, and some of our friends, turned on the juice, and eventually we found the break we so desperately needed.
It seems Thanos kept some type of link between himself and the Cosmic Cube.
Mavel's cosmic senses picked up on this Achilles Heel. With the Cube shattered Thanos' limk with the Infinite was broken and we thought him destroyed.
"Captain America" continued his story to the "Silver Surfer":
This time a Cosmic Being originally known as HIM, later called ADAM WARLOCK brought Thanos back to our attention. Only this time, Thanos, didn't want to rule the Universe; He wanted to DESTROY it. Apparently, Thanos had been hopping around the heavens collecting these LITTLE BEAUTIES.
The "Little Beauties" were what was then called the "SOUL GEMS".
Concluding his story "Captain America" tells the "Silver Surfer""
Apparently Thanos planned to use the near limitless power of the combined Gems to blow the Stars from the ether one at a time. 
This time the Avengers, the Thing, Spider-Man, Captain Marvel, and Adam Warlock faced down Thanos. It was a real Cosmic Donnybrook, Earth Heroes, against Alien Hordes. Thanos actually. physically, went toe-to-toe with both Thor and the Thing. Adam Warlock was killed in the battle.
But even in death Warlock refused to let Thanos gain his Dark Victory. Somehow WARLOCK'S SPIRIT returned through the SOUL GEMS to thwart the Titan's schemes. I never saw anything quiet like it and I hope I never will again.
Warlock's Ghost turned Thanos into Stone, as cold and as hard as the Titan's Heart had been. Once again it looked like the Good Guys had Won and that we'd never have to deal with Thanos again.
The second back story technically fits between both battles with "Thanos" by the "Avengers" and tells of how the original "Soul Gems" were created. Eons ago there was a single sentient primordial entity named "Nemesis". This Being became extremely lonely, in its Godlike existence, as there was no one to interact with. "Nemesis" made the decision to destroy himself and split into six pieces. Each piece  solidified into one of the "Soul Gems".

While gazing into the "Infinity Well" the combined power of the Gems became known to "Thanos". Who realized that not even the "Elders" had discovered this fact. It would be "Thanos of Titan" who renamed the "Soul Gems"; the "Infinity Gems".

The story actually starts as the "Silver Surfer" arrives on a deserted planet to sleep. After many years of roaming the Galaxy without a moments rest. He awakes to see a strange Skull like structure that was not there when he arrived and decides to enter it.

Inside he sees two creatures talking between themselves and carrying a trunk. They walk past the "Silver Surfer" without seeming to notice him. This appears strange and as the "Surfer" looks back through the entrance. He sees himself still asleep and believes he must be dreaming.

The "Silver Surfer" enters the throne room of "Mistress Death". She either appears as a skeleton in a deep blue robe, or a beautiful women at different times. "Mistress Death" is the gatherer of souls. She makes a soul from within the trunk return to the world and begins to speak to it through one of the two creatures. Suddenly one of them turns to the "Silver Surfer" and points to him. Saying he will be the opponent of the soul after it returns to life. The soul is "Thanos of Titan".

The "Silver Surfer" runs from the Throne room and finds the planet no longer deserted, but populated with the Soul's "Mistress Death" has gathered. He will meet "Thanos" who explains both his love for "Mistress Death" and their grand plan. "Thanos" is to gather half of the Universe's souls for his love and shows the "Silver Surfer" the future of a planet called Earth.

The two will battle each other. When the "Silver Surfer" realizes he helped "Thanos" in his plan. The two had visited a small peaceful planet while "Thanos" was explainin and unknowingly and unthinking the "Silver Surfer" had brought an Earth disease to the life forms living on it.  After being told what he has done. The "Silver Surfer" returns to transfer some of his life force into a young being. Who with every touch of his fellow life forms stops the plaque and saves HALF the planet's population.

During the time of the ":Cosmic Cube". "Thanos" had been a pirate with a very large space craft. He decides to return and reclaim it, but somebody else is now in command. The pirate leader is the Granddaughter of "Thanos", " Captain Nebula", and not the adopted sister of "Gamora" as in the Cinematic Universe.

"Nebula", like many, is surprised to see her Grandfather returned from the dead and refuses to give over command of the craft. In a rage "Thanos" attacks her. What she looks like, afterwards, is not shown in this collection's story line.

The "Silver Surfer" and "Thanos" meet for a final battle and "Thanos" is killed. However, during this battle  "Thanos" kept trying to tell the "Surfer" something, but in his all consuming rage. The :Surfer" would not let "Thanos" speak. With the battle over and seeing the remains of his opponent. The "Silver Surfer" decides to do the right thing and return the body of "Thanos" to his father the kind "Mentor" and his brother "Eros". However the reason "Thanos" wanted to speak to the "Silver Surfer" was because he wasn't "Thanos", but the altered body of "Nebula's"  "First Officer Styx".

"Thanos" is now free to go on his quest for the "Infinity Gems". Going to the "Infinity Well" he learns the locations of each Gem and who he must battle to obtain them. "Thanos" has tricked "Mistress Death" into backing his quest which she believes is to gather souls for her, but in reality is a move for power to become her equal. What "Mistress Death' and those who posses the different "Infinity Gems" do not know are the Gems true power. When brought together in the "Infinity Gauntlet", but now "Thanos" does.

Searching for each of the gems "Thanos" will battle:

The In-Betweener
Champion the Elder
The Gardener the Elder
The Runner the Elder
Tanleer Tivan aka: the Collector

Then comes the battle with the one Elder who is starting to understand the Gems true powers "The Grand Master". However, as "The Grand Master" cheated on his own rules for combat between him and "Thanos". In the end "Thanos" has tricked him also. The Elder was fighting a robot and is killed by the real "Thanos of Titan".

"Thanos" has finished his quest giving him the power of a God. As I stated his dream was to sit beside his love as an equal to "Mistress Death" and have her speak to him directly, but she doesn't. He is told that possessing the "Infinity Gems" has made him not her equal, but her superior and she bows to him now.

The next collection in the "Infinity Gems Saga" is entitled "The Infinity Gauntlet". This 256 page title contains issues 1 through 7 of the mini-series "Infinity Gauntlet" (1991) written by Jim Starlin.. It is also the main basis used by Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely for the screenplay of "Avengers: Infinity War". There is one other source I will mention at the end of my article.

The following is a list of all the characters found in the second of the five collections.

The Major Characters:

Thanos of Titan
Adam Warlock
Pip the Troll
Gamora Zen Whoberi Ben Titan
Mephisto aka: the Devil
Dr. Stephen Vincent Strange aka: Dr. Strange

Norrin Radd aka the Silver Surfer
Mistress Death
Arthur Sampson Douglas aka: Drax the Destroyer
Wendell Vaughn aka: Quasar
Dr. Victor Von Doom aka Dr. Doom
Appearances by the following "Avengers":

Peter Parker aka: Spider-Man

Steve Rodgers aka: Captain America
Sr. Robert Bruce Banner aka: the Hulk
Eric Masterson aka: Thor
Jennifer Walters aka: the She Hulk
Tyrone "Ty" Johnson aka; Cloak
Tony Stark aka: Iron Man
Namorita Prentess
Wanda Marya Maximoff aka: the Scarlet Witch

Natasha Romanoff aka: the Black Widow

Additional Super Hero Appearances featuring:

James Howlett aka: Logan aka; Wolverine
Scott Summers aka: Cyclops
Richard Ridder aka: Nova
Prince Namor the Submariner
Marc Spector aka: Moon Knight

Cameos by:

Nicholas Joseph "Nick" Fury
Empress S'Byll of the Skrull Empire
Pyreus Krill aka; Firelord

Jake Miller
Ralph Bunkere
Mary Jane Watson Parker
Captain Dea of the Kree Empire

Plus the Cosmic Entities:
The Watcher
Lord Chaos
Master Order
Tribunal the Cosmic Judge of Realities aka: 
The Living Tribunal
Enigmatic Stranger
Two Giants known as the Celestrials

Guest Appearances by the following God's

Odin of Asgard
Manitu the Native American
Svarog of Russia
Tezcatlipoca of the Aztecs
Zeus of Olympus
Itzamna of the Mayans
Osiris of Egypt
Nuada the Celtic God

This portion of Jim Starlin's "Infinity Gems Sage" is the actual battle with "Thanos of Titan" reworked in the Cinematic Universe. The following is an overview of the story line.

It begins with "Thanos" speaking to "Mephisto about what he has become and the cunning Devil lets him have his say.

Switch to the home of "Dr Strange" as he is discussing something with "Wong". Suddenly, not the "Hulk" of the Cinematic Universe, but the "Silver Surfer" crashes through his roof with a warning about "Thanos" and his mission to kill half the Universe's population.

Three petty crooks named "Jake Miller", "Ralph Bunker" and a girl named "Bambi" leave an upstate New York bar very drunk. They get into a car and "Jake" on a winding road drives the three off a cliff. Switch back to the "Silver Surfer" relating to "Dr. Strange" how with the aide of "Drax the Destroyer" they attacked the real "Thanos". This failed and the "Silver Surfer" found himself inside the "Soul Gem" in a metaphysical world. Where he first met "Adam Warlock" and one of "Warlock's": companions "
Gamora Zen Whoberi Ben Titan" .

An aside:
The Cinematic Universe shows "Gamora" as part of the "Guardians of the Galaxy" in two features and in "Avengers: Infinity War". The "Infinity War" was in 1992 in the Comic Book Universe, or 16 years before "Gamora" joined the "Guardians" in July 2008. At the same time her partner "Adam Warlock" also joined. That "Guardian" team from Volume 2 Issue 1 were:

Adam Warlock

Arthur Sampson Douglas aka: Drax the DestroyerGamora Zen Whoberi Ben Titan" 
Phyla-Veil aka: Quasar (Not the same one as above)
Rocket Racoon
Peter Jason Quill aka: Star Lord and the Team Leader

"The Guardians of the Galaxy" first appeared in Comic Book form in 1967.

Returning to "The Infinity Gauntlet".
The "Silver Surfer" is worried his warning has come to late, but while "Thanos" reports to "Mistress Death" a strange transformation is occurring. The dead bodies of "Jake", "Ralph" and "Bambi" have become possessed through the power of the "Soul Gem". "Jake" will become "Adam Warlock", "Ralph" will become "Pip the Troll" and "Bambi" is worried she is turning Green and of course is "Gamora". The main team that defeated "Thanos" has returned to defeat him once more.

Switch to "Mistress Death's" Throne Room and "Thanos" presents to her his Granddaughter "Nebula". A living corpse seemingly without will, or so he thinks.

"Thanos" is again attempting to prove his love for "Mistress Death", but his bragging is getting out of hand. "Mephisto" suggests he stop and concentrate on his mission. The Devil is also starting to manipulate the Titan. Switch to "Spider-Man" webbing his way through a New York Street when suddenly people start to disappear and he thinks of "Mary Jane". Switch to "Avenger" headquarters  as "Captain America" is speaking to others and they just disappear. Switch to "Nick Fury" in a "S.H.I.E.L.D." Space Station discussing the disappearances all over the Earth. Switch to the planet of the Skrull Empire where "Empress S'Byll's" people are disappearing and she believes it is because of her enemy the "Kree". Who vice versa think it's the Skrull's. Switch again to "Dr. Strange" and the "Silver Surfer" still in discussion. Another switch to Saturn's Moon "Titan" and a debate between the father, "Mentor", and brother, "Eros", of "Thanos" about his actions. While in the same room "Drax the Destroyer" sits watching reruns of his favorite Earth television program "Alf". Into the group "Firelord" arrives. On the television set a newscaster interrupts to speak of the disappearance of people throughout the Galaxy.

While "Jake", "Ralph" and "Bambi" continue to morph into the three heroes and "Jake" is actually inside a cocoon.

"Wendell Vaughn" is contacted by the Cosmic Entity known as "Epoch". "Vaughn" as "Quasar" now sets out for outer space on a mission from the "Epoch". "Dr. Henry Pym" arrives at "Dr. Strange's residence and joins in the discussion of what to do to stop "Thanos". At his own castler "Dr. Doom" looks upon what's happening only as a mean of expanding his scientific knowledge. At this point none of these groups and individual's have a leader and a true purpose.

"Eros" decides to join his brother and goes to "Mistress Death" only to be teased by "Thanos". Who brags about his power. At "Avengers" headquarters "Captain America" gets an update that now 32 Super Heroes, seen below, have just disappeared.

He discusses the situation with "She Hulk", "Vision" and "Thor".

An Aside:
My reader will note in the above photo that "Thor" has a full beard and a different appearance than the character in most of the Marvel Comic Book series. This is because he is not the original "Thor" as seen in a cameo of the Comic Universe's "Civil War", or in most of his early own comic series. Along with the Cinematic Universe story lines.

Briefly: there was an Earth Architect names "Eric Kevin Masterson". Whose son "Kevin" was kidnapped by members of the "Dark Universe", because of the friendship between "Thor" and his father. "Loki" is working with the dark forces and the kidnapping was a lure to get "Thor" there. A fight between the brothers takes place and it appears that "Thor" has killed "Loki". "Heimdall", 
the "Guardian Sentry to Asgard", will banish "Thor" over that deed and changes "Eric Masterson" into a replacement "Thor". Whenever he touches "Mjolnir" the Hammer.

While all of the above is transpiring "Odin" calls of meeting of the known God's of the Universe to decide on what they can do to stop "Thanos" and "Mistress Death's" plans.

As "Quasar" reaches a point 2,000 Light Year from Earth and is told to just wait by "Epoch":
For the Moment to happen. 
Two events occur simultaneously. "Dr. Doom" appears at the house of "Dr. Strange" with some of his robotic warriors and confronts the mystic, his servant/companion "Wong" and the two other heroes. While the cocoon that was around "Jake" bursts open.

This is followed the appearance in front of "Dr. Strange", the "Silver Surfer", "Dr, Pym" and "Dr. Doom" by a personage who identifies himself saying:
In my time they called me ADAM WARLOCK. You may do so ALSO, if you feel so INCLINED. 

The leader everyone needed has arrived along with "Pip the Troll" and "Gamora".

Even "Doom" agrees to side with "Warlock" as he tells the four of building an Army to fight "Thanos" and those who support him. With the power of the "Infinity Gauntlet" the "Titan" attacks some other World's and destroys a Red Star. All of this activity brings the attention of "Galactus". Who in the words of Jim Starlin states:
But think not that GALACTUS plans to turn tail and run from this upstart DEMI-GOD.
Meanwhile incidents all over the Earth are bringing the attention of members of the "Avengers" and others/ Such  as "Cloak" who witnessed "Dagger" disappearing in front of him. "Thanos" attacks Atlantis bringing on the wrath of  "Prince Namor" and even "Asgard" and the "Nine Realms" are being destroyed. "Captain America" and "Nick Fury" discuss the situation once more and at what was left of "Dr. Strange's" home "Adam Warlock" prepares for war.

The group from "Strange's" residence goes to the "Avengers" headquarters. Where "Captain America" puts the "Avengers" under "Adam Warlock"s" leadership. "Wolverine", "Namor" and "Nova" arrive. Then the leader of the West Coast "X-Force", "Cyclops", arrives to add to the building Army. There is an argument with "Dr. Doom" over who should command, but the others stand firm.

"Quasar" is getting impatient waiting for what "Epoch" calls a "Cosmic Summit". Then he sees the "Silver Surfer" and "Adam Warlock" aka: "The Golden Surfer" arrive to his location and knows things are about to happened.

Next the following group arrive:

First the known Cosmic Entities:

Lord Chaos
Master Order
Tribunal the Cosmic Judge of Realities
Enigmatic Stranger
The Two Giants known as the Celestrials

In addition "Galactus" also appears and a major debate of the fate of the Universe, if "Thanos" carries out "Mistress Death's" commands is started. However, there are those who believe "Thanos" is acting on his own and wants to become "God". "Galactus" attempts to change that point of view and aims his anger directly at "Warlock" and attempts to kill him. It does not work.

Back at "Avengers" headquarters "Dr. Doom" is still stirring up unrest, but then "Warlock". the "Silver Surfer" and "Quasar" materialize to calm things down. Switch to "Thanos" and "Mephisto" at the floating space Castle that the Titan created through the "Infinity Gauntlet's" powers to honor "Mistress Death". The two are glad to hear "The Watcher" has arrived. As "Thanos" tells the other:

the WATCHER'S coming heralds the beginnings of HOSTILITIES. FOOLS taking up ARMS against OMNIPOTENCE. They rush head-on into ARMAGEDDON.

"Dr. Strange" uses his mystic powers to set co-ordinates to send groups of heroes to fight "Thanos" and "Adam Warlock" tells them the battle begins now.

A mixed team of Super Heroes and Gods attack the floating palace and the battle begins in earnest.

The team of the "Hulk" and "Drax" seemed to get the upper hand, but are defeated as are all of "Adam Warlock's" first strike team over and over again. To add to their problem is "Dr. Doom" goes for the "Infinity Gauntlet" to claim its power. In another location observing are "Warlock" and the "Surfer". The Cosmic Entity called "Eternity" states they wish to enter the battle and "Warlock" welcomes them. As he explains to the "Silver Surfer" he expected that "Thanos" would have the upper hand and that this attack is just the movement of Chess Pieces heading eventually to a Checkmate.

"Cyclops" is killed and the women "Terraxia", created with the "Infinity Gauntlet" by "Thanos", kills "Iron Man". The Titan causes "Thor" to loose his hammer and become his human form of Eric Masterson. Who can not survive is space, but "Mjolnir" finds the Earth man and once more the mighty "Thor" rejoins the battle.

While through the "Time" Gem, "Thanos" sends both "Drax" and "Firelord" to Earth's prehistoric past.

"Adam Warlock" has been holding the "Silver Surfer" back until the right moment and then launches him on a major attack unleashing his full poweer at a distracted "Thanos". Who has been confronting "Captain America".

 Seeing the results of the battle. "Adam Warlock" states:

We tried to go this the Easy Way--And Failed. Now begins the Conflict I strove to Avoid. It may well prove to be a battle the Universe Cannot Survive!
Meanwhile "Eternity's" Cosmic Brigade has engaged "Thanos" and this frightens "Dr. Stephen Strange", because of the potential outcome. However, this is just another move by Chess Master "Adam Warlock".

The space palace is destroyed, but both "Eros" and "Nebula" are saved in an air bubble created by "Mistress Death". However, "Thanos" has released an "Inter-Dimensional distortion cascade" and the planet known as Earth is caught in it and moved out of its orbit around the sun causing massive destruction.

"Lord Order" and "Master Chaos" launch a two front attack on "Thanos". While "Thanos" starts to question what's happening. As he sees those who would save the Universe destroying it, instead, to defeat him.

Then "Mephisto" arrives to explain that "Thanos" has been the Devil's tool using his lust for power against him. "Mistress Death" has also turned against the Titan. His blinded love was his motivation to acquire the "Infinity Gems" and "Thanos" tells her:

I Offered You The Universe.
 Then the "Cosmic Entities" and "Galactus" jointly attack "Thnaos" at that very moment.

"Eternity" now appears to reclaim the "REALITY" of the Universe that even the "Infinity Gauntlet" can not destroy. He challenges "Thanos" to a one on one combat. "Thanos" surprisingly wins and imprisons "Eternity", but "Adam Warlock" tells the "Silver Surfer" that this is not over yet and watches the situation go from bad to worse. 

As "Nebula" sees her drained Grandfather setting on his throne and approaches. "Terraxia" attempts to stop her, but can't. "Nebula" takes the "Infinity Gauntlet" off of the hand of  her Grandfather.

"Adam Warlock" tells both "Silver Surfer" and "Dr. Strange" that the three can still not stop "Thanos", or for the matter now the crazed "Nebula" alone, but "Strange" has the power to reach out and bring back help. "Dr. Strange" is only able to find five, but they are 'Drax the Destroyer", "Dr. Doom", "The Hulk", "Firelord" and "Thor".

That group is able to subdue "Thanos". Who with the change in his fortunes will help them against his insane granddaughter, Who now tells "Eros" that with the Gauntlet:
Tomorrow is mine to sculpt to my fancy. The Universe is clay waiting to be Molded.

"Nebula" stops the attack, but tells her Grandfather that:
Your reign as a supreme being is a Blasphemy!
"Adam Warlock" stops "Dr. Strange" from interfering with what is transpiring. As they witnessed "Nebula" encase "Thanos" up to his neck in bricks and then state:
With the exception that I retain possession of the Infinity Gauntlet. Let everything be as it was Twenty-four hours ago!  
Of course that also turns "Nebula" back to her previous form, but she is able to keep the Gaunlet and return to looking like her original self. Then the Cosmic Beings reappear causing another confrontation and when it settles down "Adam Warlock" is now the possessor of the "Infinity Gauntlet" and his first command is to:
The Cosmic Entities are back in place. The "Avengers" and the others involved have returned to 24 hours prior to anything occurring, but with the knowledge of what did happen. The Earth and the Universe are back in place as nothing every happened. Oh and "Thanos" is now a peaceful farmer on the moon of Saturn known as Titan. As for "Adam Warlock" he has become a GOD with the Gauntlet on his hand, but a different one than either "Thanos", or "Nebula". As the "Infinity Gems Saga" moves closer to the actual "Infinity War"

The next collection in the "Infinity Gem Saga" is entitled "The Infinity Gauntlet: Aftermath".
This 352 page group includes "Silver Surfer" (1992) issues 60 through 66, "Dr. Strange: Sorcerer Supreme" (1998) issue 36, "Warlock and the Infinity Watch" (1992) issues 1 through 6 and "Silver Surfer Annual #5" (1995).

Major Characters:

Adam WarlockNorrin Radd aka: Silver Surfer
Thanos of Titan

Dr. Stephen Vincent Strange aka: Dr. StrangePip the Troll
Gamora Zen Whoberi Ben Titan

Arthur Sampson Douglas aka: Drax the DestroyerHeather Douglas aka: Moondragon 

Cameo Appearances By:

The Magus

Karnak of the Inhumans
Blackagar Boltagon aka: Black Bolt
Clea Girl Friend of Dr. Strange
Herbert Edgar Wyndham aka: the High Evolutionary
Dr. Reed Richards aka: Mister Fantastic
Jonathan "Johnny" Storm aka: the Human Torch
Benjamin 'Ben" Grimm aka: the Thing|
Alicia Masters love interest of "Ben" Grimm
Stakar of the House of Ogord aka: Starhawk
Nobilus of the New Men

Triax the Terrible
The Man Beast many aliases but real name unknown
Mar-Vell aka: Captain Marvel
Champion the Elder|
Princes Alaisa
M'Nai aka: Midnight Sun
Tanleer Tivan aka: the Collector

The "Collector's" Collection Agency


Appearances by the "Avengers"
Wanda Marya Maximoff aka: the Scarlet WitchEric Kevin Masterson aka: Thor

The Cosmic Entities:

Master Order
Mistress Love
Master Hate
Enigmatic StrangerEpoch
The Watcher
Lord ChaosTribunal the Cosmic Judge of Realities aka: The Living Tribunal

The third story begins with "Dr. Strange", the "Silver Surfer" and "Thor" talking with "Adan Warlock" about the end of "The Infinity Gauntlet". The three are mentioning the "Death" of "Thanos" to "Warlock" by his committing suicide. Only "Adam Warlock", "Gamora" and "Pip the Troll" know the truth that "Thanos" is alive and now farming on Titan.

At the home of "Dr. Strange" the "Silver Surfer" bids good bye to the mystic and heads for Outer Space once more.

The "Surfer" lands on Earth's Moon. Where from a misunderstanding he fights a man in purple wearing a mask to cover his disfigurement. He is known as "
M'Nai aka: Midnight Sun". At one time he was an African-American, but became a cyborg. This confrontation leads to the arrival of "Black Bolt" of the "Inhumans". Who is able to stop the fight and offer to help the "Surfer's" opponent as a new friendship is created. They leave and the "Silver Surfer" heads back to space where a plea of help is telepathically received from "The Collector".

Meanwhile at the home of "Dr. Strange" a party is in full swing celebrating the defeat of "Thanos" and the guests includes his girl friend "Clea". Also present are members of the "Avengers". Everything seems to be going fine, but suddenly "Gamora" and "Pip" appear in a blinding light.

They need "Strange's" help, because "Adam" appears to be going MAD from the power of the "Infinity Gems". "Dr. Strange" tells the two that even his power as "Sorcerer Supreme" is:

like being a school-crossing guard
compared to the power "Adam Warlock" now has.

Through one of "Dr. Strange's" spells the three are transported to the location in space of "Warlock". They find him juggling the entire solar system as if the planets are tennis balls.
The three debate the situation asking if what "Adam Warlock" has been doing since he became a GOD, through the Gauntlet's power, is actually harming anyone and the answer is no.

In what would seem madness. "Warlock" tells the three what he wants to use his new found power for:

I shall send out Emanations which in an instant , will make every sentient being in the Cosmos Good and Noble! Human-Skrull-Kree-Shi-ar---I will drain them all of selfish Ambition, of Competitiveness---all those base traits which have ever led to War and Strife!
"Dr, Strange" replies:
You, Mean well---but Without those 'base traits' as you call them, most races would perish form sheer apathy---or even surviving, their Lives will become dull and ultimately Meaningless.
This leads to a battle between the two mystics.

They look into Earth's future had the man who became "Adam Warlock" not taken the path he did. "Dr. Stephen Strange" calls upon every spell he's learned and every bit of strength his human body contains. In the end he wins and "Warlock" asks "Dr. Strange", "Gamora" and "Pip" to become his:
Moral Compass 
Should he once more stray under the power he now has. As "Strange" heads back his short journey is interrupted by the Cosmic Entity known as "Eternity". Who warns he plans to put "Adam Warlock" on trial.

The trial takes place and during it "Eternity" reminds everyone present of an event in "Adam Warlock's" past""
All here know of the Psycotic  Episode which split off the Magus from your Being.  How he created the Universal Church of Truth. A quasi-religious militia which conquered and ruled a Thousand Worlds with an Iron Fist. Your other self forced Billions to worship him as a God. How many Millions died at this False Prophet's hand?
An aside:
In her past "Gamora" was a member and enforcer of the "Universal Church of Truth". "Thanos" was also connected. The Church first appeared in February 1968 in Marvel's "Strange Tales" issue 178.

"Adam Warlock" explains that he now is under complete control of himself, but the "Living Tribunal" tells him that he sees:
the entire affair as indulging in an auto-sado/masochistic whim at the expense of Universal Peace.
Warlock responds that the "Magus":
was a Temporary aberration.
"Eternity" adds:
but one that could Recur at any time. Now isn't that a Nightmarish Thought?
The Verdict of the "Living Tribunal" is that "Adam Warlock" can not have all the Six Infinity Gems and that he needs to find Five others to share the power. He goes in search of what will become known as "ADAM WARLOCK AND THE INFINITY WATCH".
"Adam" first goes to "Moondragon" the space pirate for hire and daughter of  "Arthur Sampson Douglas" who was turned into "Drax the Destroyer". "Moondragon", at one time, had to kill "Drax", but he was brought back to life brain damaged and has no idea who "Moondragon" really is. Both "Moondragon" and "Drax" along with "Gamora" and "Pip the Troll" are brought to a jungle spot by "Adam Warlock". Who then reveals his grand plan.

"Gamora" thinks "Warlock" is mad again and attempts to convince him not to split up the gems, or at least give them to the four he's picked.

The Separation of the "Infinity Gems" takes place.

"Pip the Troll" receives the "Space Gem". because he has only enough Intelligence to exploit the gems basic potential.

"Moondragon" is given the "Mind Gem". At one time she wanted to rule the world through her mental powers, but realizes that "Warlock" has built in safe guards to make Gem only used for good.

"Drax the Destroyer" gets the "Power Gem". For the obvious reason his mental level prevents him for seeking to abuse power.

"Gamora Zen Whoberi Ben Titan" is given the "Time Gem", because she was first introduced to "Adam Warlock" as the Most Dangerous Women in the Universe and he knows she is the proper person to protect it.

When asked about the "Soul Gem" by "Gamora". "Adam" replied it is an old friend of his and will remain with him.

As to the "Reality Gem". "Adam Warlock" informs the now formed "Infinity Watch" that there is another, they will not be told of, that has possession of that single Gem.

Next were a series of adventuress. For "Adan Warlock" he went looking for "Herbert Edgar Wyndham aka: the High Evolutionary" the creator of "The New Men". Only to discover he has literally lost his mind and now babels like a three year old. "Pit the Troll" had to try out his "Space Gem" and as "Moondragon" figured. The Troll had no real idea of what to use it for. So he took a joy ride in "Mr. Fantastic's" "Fanticar" that the took from the "Fantastic Four's" headquarters.

Meanwhile "Adam" and "Nobius of the New Men" are confronted by what appear to be an Army of Cyborg's simply called "THEY". For whatever reason "They" want the "High Evolutionary". In the mist of a fierce battle that even with the power of the "Soul Gem" he can not win. "Warlock" found help in the 'High Evolutionary" in one of his few lucid moments.

While in a spacecraft constructed by the power of "Mind Gem" and the imagination of "Moondragon". "Gamora" and "Moondragon" are heading for Earth, because "Gamora" believes eventually that is where "Adam" will go. A larger ship approaches and the two women are knocked out by ultrasonics. A robotic figure enters the craft known  as "Omega".

Switch to "Adam Warlock" and "Nobius" being told by the "High Evolutionary" how "Thanos" with the "Infinity Gauntlet" destroyed the reality of this world. Also that he created a robotic group known as the "Omega". After things are returned to normal "Warlock" realizes he must find "Gamora" and "Moondragon",

Next "Omega" and another look at their catch. Below them are all four of the other members of the newly formed "Infinity Watch". The two await the expected arrival of "Adam Warlock" into their trap.

However, "Warlock" uses the power of the "Soul Gem" to see what is coming and prepares to meet them in battle. The creature calling itself "Omega" battles "Adam" in its robotic suit and is eventually defeated. He is revealed to be "Triax the Terrible" who came from "Counter Earth". By deduction "Adam Warlock" knows the other robotic figure must be "Triax's" known accomplices the "Man Beast". Who can create and control monsters. One of "Man Beast's" giants attacks and is defeated after a fierce battle, but the energy it was created with explodes as a result. "Triax" tells the enraged "Man Beast" that their space craft is dropping toward the Earth as a result of that explosion.

Before the space craft plunges into the Pacific Ocean. "Adam Warlock" is able to teleport "Gamora", "Pip", "Drax" and "Moondragon" to safety on "Monster Island".

Return to the "Silver Surfer" now arriving at "The Collector's" current location. It has been destroyed by a group known as "The Brethren". No "The Collection" does not want "The Brethrenn caught, or his collection returned. However, there was a virus that causes Dementia, Paranoia, Schizophrenia and Hallucinations all resulting in Death that was taken. As "The Collector" informs the "Silver Surfer":
The virus lives to reproduce--it seems to have no other purpose. The Parent Virus remains attached to a stable host while it spawns 'Off Spring' and releases them into the air. These Progeny Target any higher organism with range and infect it. Once Infected the organism's central nervous system suffers a Complete Breakdown leading to death.
The host for the Parent Virus is a young alien girl. She must be found and returned to "The Collector" for containment. Problem is there's another group of mercenaries after the girl and they will clash with the "Surfer". One will be killed, a back story about them will be told, and in the end the child was killed by the Parent Creature the Virus created. The creature will also be killed and the "Silver Surfer" infected. He next goes into the land of the Dead to find a cure.

There he will be confronted by the living Skeleton's of the people he killed over the years. However, he enters a cave and the Skeleton's will not follow. In there he finds a man by a fire cooking and eating food. The man believes he is also dead and introduces himself. He is the Kree "Mar-vell" the original "Captain Marvel".

The two join together to fight the mighty Army of the Dead. "Captain Marvel" stands alone to permit the "Silver Surfer" to continue on to his destiny. Where he meets an exact copy of himself all in Black. Who turns out to be the evil side of the "Surfer" he never admitted to having. They engage in a battle of wills and strength and in the end the "Silver Surfer" accepts his other self and they merge into one.

The "Silver Surfer" fights on and eventually destroys the remains of the floating space palace "Thanos" constructed for his love of "Mistress Death", but not before he becomes the target of the love sick "Princes Alaisa". Whose quest to have the "Surfer" as her own. Will lead to the interference of "Mistress Love" and "Master Hate" turning the Princess into a winged Goddess called "Avatar".

The "Silver Surfer" and "The Infinity Watch" are now ready for the fourth part of writer Jim Starlin's "Infinity Gem Saga". The actual and original  "Infinity War". The 400 pages of this collection contains "Infinity War" (1992) issues 1 though 6, "Warlock and the Infinity Watch" (1992) issues 7 through 10, "Marvel Comic Presents" (1992) issues 108 through 111.

So who were involved in Jim Starlin's Comic Universe "Infinity War"?

The Infinity Watch:

Adam Warlock

Gamora Zen Whoberi Ben Titan
Pip Troll

Arthur Douglas aka: Drax the DestroyerHeather Douglas aka: Moondragon 

Other Major Characters

The Magus
Dr. Victor Von Doom aka Dr. Doom
Dr. Stephen Vincent Strange aka: Dr. Strange
Norrin Radd aka: Silver Surfer
Thanos the Farmer of Titan
Mistress Death

The following lists are not all inclusive, but designed to give my reader the scope of how different the 
Comic Universe is from the Cinematic Universe.

The Avengers:

Steve Rodgers aka: Captain America
Peter Parker aka: Spiderman
Tony Stark aka: Iron Man
Dr. Robert Bruce Banner aka: the Hulk
Natasha Romanoff aka: Black Widow
Eric Keven Masterson aka: Thor
Dr. Henry "Hank" Pym aka: Ant ManHercules
Dane Whitman aka: the Black Knight

The X-Men:

Professor Francis Charles Xavier aka: Professor X
James Howlett aka: Logan aka; Wolverine
Scott Summer aka: Cyclops
Oro Monroe aka: Storm
Henry Phillip "Hank" McCoy aka: Beast
Ann-Marie LeBeau aka: Rogue
Piotr "Peter" Nikolayevich Rasputin aka: Colossus
Elizabeth "Betsy" Braddock aka: Psylocke

The Fantastic Four

Dr. Reed Richards aka: Mister Fantastic
Susan "Sue" Storm-Richards aka: the Invisible Woman
Benjamin 'Ben" Grimm aka: the Thing

Jonathan "Johnny" Storm aka: the Human Torch

West Coast Avengers

Clint Barton aka: Hawkeye
Wanda Marya Maximoff aka: the Scarlet Witch
Julia Carpenter aka: Spider-Woman

Also different members fom 
The New Warriors, X-Factor and Alpha-Flight


Nathaniel Richard aka: Kang
Harvey Rupert Elder aka: Mole-Man
Matthew Michael Mardock aka: Daredevil
Agatha Harkness

Anthony Ludgate Druid aka: Dr. Druid aka: Dr. Droom
Wendell Vaughn aka: Quasar

The Cosmic Entities:

Tribunal the Cosmic Judge of Realities aka: The Living Tribunal
The Watcher

 The story starts on Titan as a Farmer once bent on conquest of the Universe named "Thanos" lives. He still dabbles in science and investigating the Universe with an Artificial Intelligence called "Nova". The two have discovered that:
The entire Universe stands in Grave Peril.
"Thanos" will act on this information and head into outer space to determine who, or what is behind this revelation. Switch to "Spider-Man" webbing through the city and feeling that something is not quiet right. He is being observed by what could be described as his evil counterpart.

Meanwhile "Galactus" and his A.I. computer are discussing "Eternity" and who, or what has, colloquially speaking, slipped a "Micky Finn" into the entity that is suppose to be embodiment of: 
All there is in the Universe.

Meanwhile both "Iron Man" and "Wolverine" are experiencing the same feeling as "Spider-Man". While "Thanos" arrives at a gigantic space station he describes as "enemy territory", because in this tale the Titan is actually one of the good guys. In total, as of this writing, that change in his character happened five times.

While "Reed Richards" is attacked by something resembling himself. In another location "Dr. Doom" is getting strange readings coming from space. "Thanos" walking through the space fortress meets its owner. "Adam Warlock's" evil self the "Magus" and one of the many clones "Thanos" had made of himself. The Titan tells "Magus" that he was with "Warlock" when the other was killed. To which the "Magus" says that there are ways to return from the dead as "Thanos" knows.

Both "Iron Man" and "Wolverine" are attacked by the clone doubles and "Galactus" makes a decision:
Now more than ever, it is Paramount that I hunt down the Wielder of this Might!
In his fortress the "Magus" reveals his clones of every super hero on Earth and tells "Thanos"
That you will let Adam know I'm coming won't you?

The forces of the Comic Book Universe's "INFINITY WAR" are in movement. "Thanos" leaves and sends his message out. The "Silver Surfer" heads once more for the space craft of "Galactus". On a video screen the assembled "Avengers" listen to "Reed Richards" speak of a "Deadly Threat" to the entire Universe beyond what "The Fantastic Four" can handle. "Richards" than contacts "The West Coast Avengers", "X-Factor" and "Alpha Flight" with his warning.

Meanwhile something happens in the home of "Dr. Strange" and he is carried to the flying ship of "Galactus". While "Dr. Doom" contacts the warlord and conqueror known as "Kang". On "Monster island" that "The Infinity Watch" found themselves. The owner of a castle and ruler, the "Mole-Man", has allowed them to remain and use it as a base of operations for their protection of his people. To the surprise of everyone "Thanos" appears.

The different grouping start to discuss what is happening, On "Monster Island" "Thanos" tells the unbelieving "Adam Warlock" that even though the Timeline of the "Magus" was destroyed. Somehow he has returned and plans to conqueror the known Universe. "Moondragon" makes a suggestion that she can contact the "Avengers". Simultaneously "Adam Warlock" and "Thanos" say that's a bad idea and "Adam" reminds her that since the "Infinity Gauntlet" affair. He is disliked by the "Avengers".

On a lite side "Drax the Destroyer" wants to "Smash Thanos". "Warlock" tells him, at the present, that's a bad idea as the Titan is now an ally. "Drax" has no problem with this as he will "Smash Thanos Later".

Unbeknownst both the "Magus" and the "Thanos" clone have been hearing and seeing everything "The Infinity Watch" has been discussing. A means of this observation was planted on the actual "Thanos". The clone makes the mistake of questioning, if the "Magus" plan will work upon his "Other Self", "Adam Warlock". "Magus" goes into a rage correcting the "Thanos" clone by telling it. It means his "SHADE"!

"Dr. Doom" and "Kang" have located what is believed to be the base of operations for the "Magus", but before they can do anything. "Galactus" arrives with the "Silver Surfer", "Dr. Strange" and now in the shape of a women his A.I. "Nova". One of the many characters in Marvel's Universe using that name.

It is the second group that makes a startling discovery of a power source. Which "Stephen Strange" tells "Galiactus" that its:

an Energy configuration of immense complexity and power. 
Word is received by "Reed Richards" that both "Iron Man" and "Hawkeye" are on the way. To join the gathering of all the Super Hero Groups at "Four Freedom's Plaza" the home of the "Fantastic Four". "Hawkeye" encounters "Spider-Man" and tells him about the gathering.

Meanwhile "The Infinity Watch" and "Thanos" are penetrating the "Infinity Well" at the Palace of "Mistress Death". They observe in the well the backstory of the original meeting with the "Magus". 

"Haweye" is attacked by his clone, but "Spider-Man" fights and destroys it. "Iron Man" arrives and "Spidey" is thankful for the help, but "Iron Man" instead attacks him.

At the "Infinity Well" the group discovers that "Magus" wrestled his power from Five Different Realities and one of the questions they voice. Does this mean Five New Infinity Gems? Before an answer can be obtained "Magus" and the "Thanos" clone disrupt the well's power. "Mistress Death" is told by one of her Dead followers that this was done by harmonics. There is now another who wants the "Magus" stopped.

The meeting at "Four Freedom's Plaza" starts to go to pieces as "Wolverine", the real one, arrives to confront "Mr. Fantastic" and "Iron Man" as being clones. This starts questioning and even "Professor X" can not tell if they're real or impostors. Then "Red Devil" picks something up and also calls "Iron Man" and "Mr. Fantastic" out.

At which point the truth comes out and heroes start accusing each other of not being real and fights break out.

At the "Infinity Well" "Mistress Death" shows herself and "Adam Warlock" has "Pip the Troll" use his "Space Gem" to get them out of there. They return to "Mole-Man's" castle. There they learn of the meeting called by "Reed Richards" and agree it is to much of a coincidence. "Moondragon" must go as to not cause any concerns about her. "Pip" uses the "Space Gem" to get her there, but on arrival the place blows up from a "Gamma Bomb".

However, "Sue Richards" creates a force field that saves the assembled hero's. Afterward she asks the clone of her husband to explain where the real "Reed Richards" is and he responds:

You want Answers, try this one on for size.
 As a portal opens and the "Magus" and the clone "Thanos" walk out with a dazed "Iron Man" and leave him there. This causes more confusion, because the "Magus" looks like "Adam Warlock" and "Captain America" mentions he never did trust "Warlock".

Meanwhile "Galactus" and company are on the trail of whomever created the power source. Which takes them to a different reality. "Dr. Doom" and "Kang" are following "Galactus" at a safe distance. As "The Infinity Watch" arrive at the power source first observed by "Dr. Strange".

The "Magus" is laughing at how he is starting to pit these group against each other. "Vision" and "Dr. Pym" have discovered strange emissions and found there coordinates, but how to get there? The "Scarlet Witch" provides the assistance of
"Agatha Harkness" and the psychic known as "Dr. Droom".  While this is all occurring "Quasar" discovers the catatonic body of "Eternity" and reports from deep space to "Captain America".

As "Galactus" and company get too close to their goal. "Magus" destroys their ship, but at the same time "Dr. Doom" and "Kang" discover a relay point for the power source being used by "Their Unknown Enemy".  Just then the two realize they have visitors and cloak themselves as "Thanos" and "The Infinity Watch" arrive at their location.

In Jim Starlin's words the warped motivation to start the "Infinity War" by the "Magus" is told to the "Thanos" Clone:

To Be denied all my Yesterdays and Tomorrows. That was the doing of that accursed Adam Warlock and Thanos. Soon Penultimate Power will be mine and they shall Pay for their indiscretions.
The clone upsets "Magus" by replying:
Do you really believe that you can Ignore Thanos's Warnings about gaining Divinity? 
"Thanos" and "Warlock" discuss the unexpected consequences "Adam" created by expelling all the good and evil in his body. While "Dr. Strange" casts some protection spells for a select group of heroes being transported, by the two mystics the "Scarlet Witch" asked for help from, to a special location that appears to be controlled by the "Magus".

However, "Magus" prepared a surprise and for those who remain at "Four Freedoms Plaza" his clones attack.

The heroes are transported not to the "Magus", but where "Warlock and the Infinity Watch" along with "Thanos" are located and a battle breaks out.

Again both groups enemy laughs as he watches them fight and possibly kill each other. "Magus" believes nothing can stop him now. While "Kang" is considering dumping "Dr. Doom" as everything is falling into place in his mind for a take over. However, it appears "Magus" may have underestimated the power of "Galactus". Both the "Silver Surfer" and "Nova" are concerned that all of the tampering by the "Magus" and those trying to stop him. May further unbalance reality, because it appears "Galactus" plans to use the most awesome of his weapons the ULTIMATE NULLIFIER .

At "Four Freedoms Plaza" the battle between the clones and remaining heroes continues. While "Hank" Pym is able to slip away to the scanner systems to discover that someone is broadcasting energy to every Star System in the known Galaxy and finds evidence of a terrible event in  progress.

As the battle between the super heroes and "The Infinity Watch" continues in a different reality. The heroes presume "Thanos" is still evil, because they fail to listen to members of the "Watch", or "Thanos" himself. "Kang" and "Dr. Droom" now enter what appears to be the main power room for the "Magus" in the reality that they are in.

At this point "Galactus" and "Dr. Strange" discover the battle between the super heroes and "The Infinity Watch". "Galactus" uses a stasis field and a transport beam to put an end to that seemingly useless battle. "Strange" does a mind scan to discover what this was all about and relays it to "Galactus".

The fact that "Thanos" is on their side is a shock to the heroes, but as they try to mentally sort it out for themselves. It is "Galactus" and "Thanos" who start to study whats occurring and determine the now unified groups next move against the "Magus". First, as "Thor" can travel through realities. He is to return to the proper reality and "Galactus" will use the power source of his hammer to home in on to return everyone there.

"Gamora" and "Thamos" discuss what must happened to end this/ "Adam Warlock" must absorb "Magus" back into his body. As that discussion is going on. "Thor" arrives in the proper reality to discover what "Hank Pym" already has. There is now two Earth's and two Moon's. "Thor" contacts "Any Avenger" to relay both the information from "Galactus"and "Hank Pym" answers him. While "Captain America" asks "Moondragon" what's about to happen and she replies that the big guns are about to be deployed. Meaning?

"Adam Warlock" asks each of the "Infinity Watch" to return to him their "Infinity Gems" and he assembles the "Infinity Gauntlet" once more. "Warlock" tells everyone to step back as he may not have complete control of the Power of the Gauntlet. While watching this ""Magus" mentions out loud:

If I am correct. control is the last thing you need to worry about , Dear Adam.
The "Thanos" clone hearing this ask "Magus". What will happen if he's incorrect? To which the other replies:
"Galactus" plans to call on the "The Living Tribunal" and will take "Gamora" with him. As he teleports a gateway opens and "Magus" grabs "Adam Warlock" and disappears within it. "Thanos" wants to take charge, but no one wants that. However, as he explains to "Captain America":
But you may be interested in learning that the Magus is in the process of taking over the entire Milky Way Galaxy. He has used his vast unknown power to create a duplicate reality which is now merging with the original. When that merge is complete the galaxy will be totally in his Thrall.
After discussions "Quasar" will take the Ultimate Nullifier into the dimension occupied by the "Magus" and fire it. Knowing he may be killed. Already the people of the real Earth are feeling changes to themselves. In his own dimension "Magus" takes the "Infinity Gauntlet" from  "Adam Warlock", but is told that "The Living Tribunal" ruled that the Gems could never be used in unison.

"Galactus" is told he must speak to "Eternity"  to plead his case. "Galactus" does something to "Gamora" and sends her to "Eternity" with the power to heal the Cosmic Entity.  All at once "Dr. Doom" and "Kang" attack "Magus". "Adam Warlock" is attempting to get the "Infinity Gauntlet" and outside in space "Quasar" prepares to fire the Ultimate Nullifier. "Eternity" returns to the hearing room alive once more. He rules to let the Gems work as one again, but neither "Eternity", or "Galactus" realize the gauntlet is not with "Warlock" but the "Magus". Who sends "Adam Warlock" tied to a giant crucifix, image her religious scholars, back to Prehistoric Earth as "Warlock" realizes that his other self has adapted to Godhood sooner than expected. 


"Thnaos" tells the group of heroes that he will lead them and "Captain America" says otherwise.A portal has been opened and "Cap" leads all the others, except for "Thanos", through it. Only to meet an Army of clones and as "Wolverine" asks:

Where's Thanos?
The Titan enters a portal to another location thinking that all the others, because of their species, are fools. There "Thanos" fights the "Thanos" clone.

While the God like Ego of "Magus" brings "Adam Warlock" out of the prehistoric past telling the mystic:
I shall Forestall just retribution until you have witnessed that come to pass. Savoring your agony makes all my efforts worthwhile.

Wherever they are at at the moment. The super heroes realize they have failed to save the Universe and Earth itself. However, "The Watcher" who is not permitted to be involved, but only record does something he should not. He tells "Thor" to return to a realm where he might yet help. He disappearsa and reappears in front of  "Professor X" and others. Just as "Dr Strange", the "Scarlet Witch", "Agatha Harkness" and "Dr. Droom" also appear. The reunited group is surprised when "Galactus" and "Gamora" join them.

The mighty "Galactus" admits to the "Mage", "Dr. Stephen Strange", that he has made a grievous error and that they all must join their allies.They go to the battle between the clones and the other heroes. Only to have "Magus" tell "Adam Warlock" it's time for the "Magus" to clean up the mess. With a snap of his finger the "Infinity Gauntlet" removes all the clones from the field of battle. With another snap all the heroes, including "Galactus" are now in a Trophy Case of sorts for the "Magus" to admire.

As the gloating "Magus" prepares to add "Adam Warlock". He is interrupted by the real "Thanos". The victor in the battle with his clone.

"Thanos" speaks to the "Magus". Over the conversation the "Magus" states that "Thanos" has no chance against him, because:

To which "Thanos" very quietly responds:
and only for the moment. For Reality is not what you perceive. 
The word "Reality" confuses "Magus" and in rage he attacks "Thanos". As they fight the Titan keeps telling "Magus" he has overlooked the reality of his situation. Suddenly, like a ghostly apparition "Adam Warlock" appears behind the "Magus" to reclaim the "Infinity Gauntlet".
I am now in contact with the Infinity Gauntlet. The power was MINE long before you dreamt of usurping it. I think you will find The Infinite Well Remembers My Touch! 
This will lead to a battle against "Adam Warlock's" "Darker Side" as the "Magus" says "Adam" full of::
Bravado from a vessel with neither Good Nor Evil Within. 
Of course referring to the fact that "Warlock" had expelled such feelings from his body to gain control of the Gauntler originally. The battle of wills begins as the Trophy Case explodes and releases all within to view a clash that "Thanos" describes to the questioning "Galacutus" as:
Behold either Salvation--or ARMAGEDDON!!

Now the flow of reality goes into flux changing people and objects. "Galactus" is able to temporally stabilize reality as the battle between the two halves of the mystic known as "Adam Warlock" battle for the Universe's future.

The "Magus" now is confronted by the reason "Adam Warlock" is the only being given control over the "Infinity Gauntlet". A mistake the egotistic "Magus" made in his calculations. He thought by imprisoning "Eternity" the Universe would be his to master, but like his own duality. So was there a duality in the Cosmic Being called "Eternity". "Eternity" was only one side of a coin and the other was the "Gauntlet's" true master "Infinity" the possessor of the REALITY GEM.

Returning to "Galactus" and the surviving heroes. They prepare for the end of the World as the core of the disruption to reality is imploding and the only outcome is death. An explosion occurs seemingly ripping apart the Universe's realities and they all find themselves back at "Four Freedoms Plaza" a live. "Captain America" thinks the answer is that "Adam Warlock" won his battle against the "Magus" and restored the Universe's realities.

However, now "Adam Warlock" the savior of the Universe lays in a catatonic state. The members of "The Infinity Watch" listen as "Thanos" explained what really happened with the "Magus":
Warlock and I gave the Magus a taste of Godhood. Just a taste. We knew he wouldn't be able to resist the lure of the Infinity Gems gathered together for the taking. It was obvious from the start he was playing a larger hand than he already held.
The Cosmic Being "Eternity" then appears and states he owes his existence to the man on the bed laying in the catatonic state. He tells "Thanos" and "The Infinity Watch" that:
Let it be known the power the "Living Tribunal" represents will never again allow the gems to work in unison. No matter what the crisis.

"Thanos" ponders that now that "Adam" contains both sides of his nature. He might become an even more heinous villain than he once was and "Pip the Troll" worries about this also. As "Thanos" starts to leave "Gamora" wishes that when next they meet they are not enemies. "Thanos" says he shares that sentiment and adds:
That that man of yours is too wily a foe.

To which "Gamora" replies that "Adam Warlock" is not her man, but "Thanos" implies otherwise. The story switches to "Soul World" where the trapped "Magus" plans on raising another Army. He sees two people approaching and tells them they are to be the vanguard of that Army, but they don't respond to his words and they pass right through him. As if he isn't really there.

Back on Titan "Thanos" wonders who stole the containment units of the "Magus" and relaxes on his farm. Then he also reflects that the Evil the was "Magus" has been soundly defeated. Yet s wise "Thanos" is concerned that someday the Universe may have to deal with a greater threat. That of "Adam Warlock's" Good side. The reminder of this work is divided by the dreams of the catatonic "Warlock".As he relives what has transpired in Nightmares. While the other members of "The Infinity Watch" go about their normal ways without their leader. That is all but one, "Gamora", who sits by the bedside of "Adam Warlock" and perhaps the wise "Thanos" was correct about her feelings towards the mystic.

I come to the final collection of Jim Starlin's "Infinity Gems Saga". The title of the work is "Infinity War: Aftermath". This 368 page collection includes "Warlock and the Infinity Watch" (1993) issues 11 through 17, "Silver Surfer/Warlock Resurrection" (1993) issues 1 through 4,"Quasar" (1993) issues 41 through 43, "Marvel Comics Presents" (1988) issue 112, "Marvel Holiday Issue #2" (1993) and "Marvel Swimsuit Special #2" (1993).

So which of the many characters my readers have met appear in this final collection ending the Comic Universe's "Infinity Gem Saga"? They are:

The Infinity Watch
Adam Warlock
Gamora Zen Whoberi Ben Titan
Pip the Troll

Arthur Douglas aka: Drax the DestroyerHeather Douglas aka: Moondragon 

Major Characters
Milos Abyss aka: Count Abyss
Maya Teraxtola
Norrin Radd aka: Silver Surfer
Shalla Bal
Mistress Death

Mephisto aka: the Devil
Marvel Boy the false Quasar aka: Blue MarvelWendell Vaughn aka: Quasar
Guest Appearances By the Following"Avengers"
Tony Stark aka: Iron Man
Steve Rodgers aka: Captain America
Eric Kevin Masterson aka: Thor
Peter Parker aka; Spider-Man
Dr. Robert Bruce Banner aka: the Hulk
Natasha Romanoff aka: the Black Widow
Dane Whitman aka: the Black Knight
Monica Rambeau the Second Captain America

Camoes By:
Mar-vell aka: Captain Marvel
Benjamin "Ben" Grim aka: the Thing
Henry Phillip "Hank" McCoy aka: the Beast
Prince Namor the Submariner

Harvey Rupert Elder aka: the Mole-Man
United Nations Army Officer Captain HammerKismet aka: Paragon aka: Ayesha
Kayla Ballantine

KismetFrank Castle aka: the PunishereThe Great One of Zenn LaHolly Steckly

Cosmic Entities

Lord ChaosTribunal the Cosmic Judge of Realities aka: The Living Tribunal

The work is a collection of stories about different participants in the Comic Book Univere's "Infinity War" and what happens to them after that conflict has ended. It opens as "Eternity" and "The Living Tribunal" discuss the fact that "Adam Warlock and the Infinity Watch" still posses the "Infinity Gems". "Eternity" is once again presenting his case against these five having their "Gems".

He begins by telling the story of "Gamora" tilting it toward how she grew up under the parentage of "Thanos". Adding about her deadliness as a warrior. "Eternity" argues:
The pathetic creature does not even know how to Operate the Time Gem.
"Eternity" goes to the next member of the "Watch", "Pip the Troll". The reader learns his back story. At one time he was "Prince Gofern" of the planet Laxidazia. How he became a drunk and debaucher staying with Trolls. As a result the aristocratic Prince turned into "Pip the Troll".

"Eternity" brought up that somehow those two joined "Adam Warlock" and were able to defeat the "Magus" before the "Infinity War". Then they spent peaceful times in Soul World until the events of the "Infinity War" came about. "The Living Tribunal" asked "Eternity" to speak of the other members of the "Watch".

The reader learns of the back story of both "Moondragon" and "Drax the Destroyer'. Who were in the family car as father and daughter with "Heather's" mother and a peaceful rural Earth Highway. When they were attacked and killed by the space craft of "Thanos", because they had seen it flying over the Earth. However, "Heather" was saved by "Mentor" and raised as his daughter. Her father's soul would be brought back to life as the "Destroyer". Both would become "Avengers" at one time, or another. In the end "Eternity" is told that the "Infinity Gems" remain where they are.

"Moondragon" and "Pip" have problems with each other on "Monster Island". While "Gamora" is keeping watch on the catatonic "Adam Warlock" and has been experiencing visions of the future as a result of her "Time Gem". The last vision shows a man standing over the dead "Warlock". Which brings tears to her eyes and confirms what "Thanos" felt of her feelings toward the other.

In a somewhat comic tale. "Drax" leaves the island and ends up in a Reno, Nevada as memories of being the young Arthur Douglas come to the surface. He remembers loving to play the saxophone and after scaring some people, who think he's the "Hulk", sees one in the window of a Pawn Shop. Just then the real "Hulk" shows up and this leads to a knock down battle between the two. "Moondragon" shows up to end the battle in which the "Hulk" is loosing. "Drax", "Moondragon" and the saxophone return back to the island. Where "Moodragon" hears "Drax" playing like she remembers her father as a child. She stands hidden from the view of "Drax" crying.

The U.N. sends in an attack force to drive everyone off the island, but they're nothing compared to the "Infinity Watch" and the Monsters that also live on the island.  Switch to "Count Abyss" and his girl friend "Maya". The two are looking into a magical mirrored pool and "Maya" sees "Gamora" and is told not to be jealous of her. The Count is after one specific "Infinity Gem". The "Soul Gem" on the forehead of "Adam Warlock" and now "Gamora's" vision seems to come true.

Looking at "Adam Warlock" "Eternity" says to the catatonic mystic:
OBLIVION is a luxury you cannot indulge in--Arise and Greet ETERNITY!
"Eternity" than takes "Warlock" through his life starting as "Him" and showing the catatonic mystic his worth. "Adam Warlock" suddenly awakens in front of "The Infinity Watch". "Drax" and "Pip" start a game of checkers when they are attacked by Demons. That have been sent by "Count Abyss" to stop the group and take the "Soul Gem". A battle is fought and in the end the Demons expelled, but the Count says he has other servants.

As "Adam Warlock and the Infinity Watch" walk back to "Mole-Man's" castle they find a body washed upon the shore. This turns out to be "Maxam" and although he has no memory of himself. As soon as he hears the name "Adam Warlock", or sees "Warlock". "Maxam" attacks as if programmed to do this. He battles the entire group and in the end "Adam" appears to get through to "Maxam" and this will lead to an open ended tale. About who "Maxam" really is and why he's after "Adam". This tale is not related to the "Infinity War".  ||

For those of my readers interested. You can find out what happens next in "Warlock and the Infinity Watch" issues 18 and 19.

However, "Infinity War: Aftermath" isn't over as we now switch to the "Silver Surfer" and what happened to him after the war ended.

We now learn of the "Norrin Radd's" love for a girl, "Shalla Bal", since they were children, but as a young adult he was forced by "Galactus" to become the "Silver Surfer" and left. He returns as "Norrin Radd" for a state diner on his home world of Zenn La. Which with other worlds was to have been destroyed, but was saved as a part of a constructed Universe of planets created by a God like being known simply as "The Great One". A personification of the "Great One" appears at the state diner, but "Norrin Radd" was not invited by him to attend. The God became angered by this and a fight broke out resulting in the "Silver Surfer" killing "The Great One". As an unexpected result he construct Universe started to break apart and if not for "Moondragon's" mental abilities. It would have been completely destroyed.

The problem for the lovers was to save that Universe. "Moondragon" needed a psychic link and that became "Shalla Bal". Now trapped forever within the construct Universe to keep it together. However, something else happened and apparently "Shalla Bal" died along with her Universe.

As the "Surfer" remembers all of this "Pip the Troll" appears to tell him "Adam Warlock" wants to see him.

The "Silver Surfer" wants no part of another of "Warlock's" schemes, but from behind a tree "Drax" comes out and steals the "Silver Surfer's" surfboard and disappears. Now the "Surfer" has to be transported by "Pop's" Space Gem" to the island base of "The Infinity Watch".

"Norrin Radd" demands his board back and then verbally attacks "Adam Warlock". However, "Warlock" is able to tell him:
But Shalla Bal's passing was caused by A Multi-Dimensional Dispersion. Her destruction was on Subatomic Level, almost Mertaphysical. I've been studying the circumstances with Great Interest.
"Moondragon" translates for the confused "Silver Surfer" that "Adam Warlock" thinks he can reverse the process. The plan would involve combining the "Mind Gem" and the "Soul Gem", but it's not a guarantee that it will work. "Adam" says he will help the "Surfer" in Friendship, but then adds:
Someday I might ask you to return the Favor!
These actions alert "Mistress Death" that someone is attempting to bring a dead soul back to life. The "Silver Surfer" joins the "Infinity Watch" as "Adam Warlock" casts a spell to open a gateway to the dimension of "Mistress Death". Where they are immediately met by a legion of her demons.

While the other's fight off the demons. "Adam Warlock" goes to work and suddenly merging out of a magical pool of light is "Shall Bal". Everyone is delighted, but "Warlock" seems concerned and it is discovered that he has retrieved the Shell of "Shall Bal" from the dead, but not her soul.

Once more "Adam Warlock" leads the group into battle and that battle culminates in the Throne Room of "Mistress Death".With a snap of her dead fingers the battle stops and an explanation is given by "Warlock". They have come to get a soul and his past battle with the "Magus" also served "Mistress Death". However, her spokesmen says that soul is not with her. That particular soul is in the possession of "Mephisto the Devil".

The group arrives in Hades and confronts "Mephisto". Capturing the "Lost Soul of Shalla Bal" was part of "Mephisto's" master plan to take the souls of "Norrin Radd", "Adam Warlock and the Infinity Watch". He immediately encases "Warlock" in a shell of Hell-Fire Ash. Then the others battle "Mephisto". Who seems to win and taunts the "Silver Surfer" by holding the trapped, in a crystal, soul of "Shalla Bal" and stating:
There's nothing like the Smell of a Charbroiled Soul on the grill.
But a voice rings out and standing in front of "Mephisto" with all his powers is "Adam Warlock" who:
is Not one to be held In Check by mere Hell-Fire Ash!
The ultimate battle of Good vs Evil takes place. In the end of this long conflict "Mephisto" appears defeated, but he is a cunning "Devil". The "Silver Surfer" obviously having spoken to him comes at "Adam Warlock" and attacks him. "Warlock" tells "Radd" to snap out of it as he is being used by the Devil. "Norrin Radd" asks where is "Shalla Bal"? Only to hear her reply: "Right behind you."
"Gamora" states "Don't you just like a happy ending?"

Members of the "Avengers" are back to confront a super being who wants to join them and looks something like "Quasar". Who died defending the Universe against the 'Magus". This look-a-like calls himself "Marvel Boy" and is very immature. His appearance will lead to several battles against various members of the "Avengers" including the second "Captain Marvel" the African American woman Monica Rambeau. "Marvel Boy" is getting angrier when people keep calling him "Quasar" and he keeps throwing tamper tantrums. 

Meanwhile in space "Kismet" a created human by the subversive organization the "Enclave". Who became a hero instead is on patrol and is hit by a ray from a unknown Black Warship. She heads to a closest planet to tend her wounds.

On the other side of the planet attempting to survive the attack by other members of the Black Fleet, are "Kayla Ballantine", originally the secretary for Wendell Vaughn that was accidentally given powers by Vaughn, and her friend "Holly Steckly".

The real "Quasar" finds himself wearing a White Robe and sitting with other White Robed figures at a White Table in a White  room. The only colors come from several Green Plants on similar looking stands spaced across the table. Asking where he is? "Quasar" gets the obvious reply: "The White Room".He discovers all those sitting around the table are dead heroes like him.

Switch to the "Punisher" killing a group of hoods and suddenly he is interrupted by "Marvel Boy". Who wants to be his side kick. "Frank Castle" tells him he doesn't look tough enough and so "Marvel Boy" creates a robotic looking suit to look tough.

"On the planet Kayla Ballatine" produces an energy ball and explodes it at the attacking Black Fleet forces.

Switch to "Quasar" where he has a vision that one of the plants turns into on of the Cosmic Beings called "Eon". It was "Eon" who appointed "Quasar" "Protector of the Universe" and now feels regret and wants to bring him out of the White room back to life.

Switch to "Frank Castle" being attacked by the police in force and realizing "Marvel Boy" tipped them off, So he could prove his worth.

Switch back to the White Room and "Quasar" now dealing with "Eon" in a different form still trying to convince him to return to life.

Switch again to "The Punisher" walking away from "Marvel Boy" who is now angry at "Castle", but suddenly an image of "Thanos" appears and we know a little more about this "Quasar" look-a-like. "Thanos" tells him that somebody is trying to bring the real "Quasar" back and he must stop this from happening. After correcting "Thanos" that he should now call him "Blue Marvel". He leaves on his new mission.

Suddenly "Blue Marvel" appears in the White Room and shoots a ray at "Eon" and announces to "Quasar" that he is now the new protector of the Universe and nobody is going to stop him. Except the real "Quasar" has reformed and now the battle begins.

Switch to "Kayla" and "Holly". Where "Holly" tells "Kayla" that she just blew away the entire "Black Fleet" and saved the planet. On the planets other side "Kismet" checks her wounds which are healing and takes to the air.

Switch as "Quasar" is the victor over "Marvel Boy", or "Blue Marvel" take your pick. He places him in the White Room in the chair he once occupied and the revived "Quasar" leaves to return to this duties as Protector of the Universe.

As to what happens to "Kismet", "Kayla" and "Holly"? That is a story to be continued in the next issue of "Quasar" number 44, but not here.

I mentioned another work connected to the screenplay for "Avengers: Infinity War". In 2013 Marvel published a six issue series by Jonathan Hickman re-imagining Jim Starlin's original work. That series was partly used for the screenplay.

For those interested in more Marvel vs Marvel:

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