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Godzilla Against the Daleks: A Crossover Story

There are three stories surrounding the creation of that awesome creature known to the World as Godzilla and to the Japanese as Gojira. The oldest tells of the legendary protector of Ohto Island that claimed its human virgin sacrifices to bring peace and tranquility to the people and which we are not really concerned about here. The next is the incredible tale by American Newspaper Reporter Steve Martin whose back ground story combined both the legend and what he believed was the truth. A tale he told while relating the events that leveled Tokyo in a series of newspaper articles he dictated and claimed took place in 1956, but it was actually early 1954 when the real events occurred and they were not even the one’s accredited to Professor of Paleontology, Archeology and Anthropology Dr. Kyohei Yamane. I know, because I was there although not in my present form.

No matter whose version you may have read about, Martin’s or Yamane’s, they both tell us that Dr. Daisuke Serizawa solely invented a compound he called an OXYGEN DESTROYER and this was used by the Japanese Government and Military to dissolve the very flesh and bones of the creature Gojira. This belief held to this very day, hour, minute and second IS A LIE and now the real story behind the Legendary Creature of Ohto Island must be told and it begins in a roundabout way with the Japanese fishing vessel Daigo Fukuryu Maru, or the Lucky Dragon Number Five. The official report clearly indicates that the Lucky Dragon Number Five somehow got lost and ended up in the waters around Bikini Atoll exposing all the Fishermen to Radiation Poisoning from the fallout of the United States’ Castle Bravo thermonuclear devise. The incident took place on March 1, 1954, Seven Months and Two Days prior to the First recorded appearance of Gojira on November 3rd of that same year. The Japanese Press where filled with articles by such Newspaper Reporters as Hagiwara, who would visit Ohto Island with Dr. Yamane, calling this incident “the Second Atomic Bombing of Japan,” but that too was A LIE.

According to that official report all 23 members of the Lucky Dragon Number Five crew had been exposed to radiation and the first to die would be the Chief Radio Operator Aikichi Kuboyama, age 40,whose last words allegedly were: “I pray that I am the last victim of an atomic or hydrogen bomb.” His alleged death occurred on September 23rd only One Month and Eleven Days prior to Godzilla’s first recorded visual appearance. Prior to Kuoyama’s death the Atomic Energy Commission’s Head Lewis Strauss strongly claimed that the lesions on the fisherman’s bodies were not caused by radiation, but the chemical action of the calcined coral of the Atoll.  In truth the other 22 crew members of the Daigo Fukuryu Maru were nothing more than skeletons when the ship reached it's home port of Yaizu, Japan, on March 14th.  Another fact withheld from the World was that Chief Radio Operator Kuboyama had told investigators of a blinding light hitting the ship straight on and not from under the sea as both Steven Martin and Dr. Yamane would claim. Further, what made Kuboyama’s story more unbelievable was his claim that he had heard metallic sounding voices speaking in clear Japanese: “Exterminate, exterminate, exterminate.”

Dr. Serizawa had once more found himself at an impasse in his formula and was about to start over for what must have been his 500th time when he heard a girl’s voice speaking in Japanese, but with what almost sounded like a British accent. He turned to face a 15 year old who introduced herself as Susan Foreman and said her “GRANDFATHER” needed to speak to the distinguished scientist. The appearance of a teenager in his laboratory was extraordinary in itself, but adding to her sudden appearance there was the fact that the door had been locked and bared from the inside by Serizawa, made it more amazing to him.

“Getting into your laboratory was no major obstacle Dr. Serizawa” spoke an Elderly Edwardian Gentleman who appeared to have stepped out of H.G. Wells' novel “The Time Machine.”

While the above talk was taking place at another location in Japan the Manager of the Nankai Shipping Company sat in momentary shock as he received the news that one of his vessels had apparently been lost and the only description received was that the sea started to boil around it followed by flames engulfing the ship. Within the space of two more days two additional ships would be lost to Nankai and the same description given in both cases with one exception. The last vessel added the word: Dinosaur. “Grandfather” explained that he had been aware of Serizawa’s secret experiments and the fact he had reached an impasse with the formula. Actually telling Dr. Serizawa the precise point his calculations were currently at and offering to assist him in finalizing the Oxygen Destroyer. As the stranger was speaking Serizawa moved his hand towards the phone with the thought of calling the police force, but the “Grandfather” asked him to listen to what he had to say before making the call as the fate of all Japan and possibly the World rested in what he had to tell him. For some reason, call it curiosity or intuition, Dr. Daisuke Serizawa slowly removed his hand from the phone and listened to Susan Foreman’s “Grandfather's” explanation. Thereby receiving the correct formula he would take worldwide credit for discovering while unknowingly setting himself on a course towards his own death. The last memory Serizawa would have of this brief encounter with his destiny was watching teenager Susan Foreman and her "Grandfather" step inside of what had to be a Blue British Police Box that vanished into thin air.

Below picture allegedly of Susan's Grandfather entering the TARDIS


Below photo of Reporter Steve Martin

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Above Dr. Serizawa and Emiko Yamani

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Above Professor Yamani watching Godzilla's destruction of his homeland.

Events moved quickly with the discovery on Odo Island of a living Prehistoric Dinosaur that Dr. Yamane would call Gojira, or Godzilla. Closely followed by the first of several attacks on Tokyo, itself, and the Japanese Government and Military confounded as to what to do to stop the creature. Both Dr. Yamane and American News Reporter Martin tell us of the tragic love triangle between Daisuke Serizawa, Emiko Yamane and the Coast Guard Officer Hideto Ogata. We are led to believe that Dr. Serizawa had shown Emiko his experiments and she eventually went to her father and Ogata with the story followed by a confrontation in Serizawa’s laboratory. This is partly true, but unknown to both Yamane and Martin was that Serizawa’s confirmation of the love affair, he had secretly feared, between Emiko and Hideto had only added to his current state of agitation. Which had been created by the knowledge given to him in that strange meeting with Susan’s “Grandfather” and was now causing him to repeat one strange word that neither Emiko, nor Hideto ever understood and he would not explain: DALEK!

There really was no question of the use of the Oxygen Destroyer against Godzilla in Serizawa’s mind at the time of this “famous confrontation,” nor while descending through the depths of the Sea of Japan. Susan Foreman’s “Grandfather” had told him that a race of creatures called Daleks from some planet called Skaro had traveled back in time to Earth’s Jurassic Age and retrieved a specimen of Tyrannosaurus Rex and implanted something, as yet unknown to Earth science, in its brain called a micro chip for control. As fantastic as it sounded to Dr. Serizawa the conviction in “Grandfather’s” speech convinced him it was true. Also true was that as Hideto Ogata surfaced after the placement of the Oxygen Destroyer is the fact that Dr. Daisuke Serizawa died at the bottom of the sea. It was not by some heroic gesture of cutting off his own oxygen supply to save mankind from the evils of the Oxygen Destroyer, or to give Emiko and Hideto a future as you have been told, because in truth Serizawa was frightened beyond imagination about what he knew.

Slightly over Five Months later on April 24, 1955 Dr. Kyohei Yamane attended the wedding of his daughter Emiko to Hideto Ogata. The Shinto Priest mentioned the “HEROIC” sacrifice Dr. Daisuke Serizawa had made for Japan and the World during the ceremony and then the two young lovers completed their vows. It was during the reception following the wedding that a message was handed to Dr. Yamane which informed him that two pilots for a tuna cannery company, Shoichi Tsukioka and Koji Kobatashi reported sighting on Iwato Island, that very day, two Dinosaurs. Dr. Yamane was requested to leave immediately to meet with the Military and Civil representatives in Osaka. Upon arriving he was driven to a meeting with these men. Dr. Yamane explained that there was no known way to kill the creatures since Dr. Serizawa had taken the formula with him to the grave. He further stated that based upon the description of the main creature it did sound like it was of the same species as Godzilla with slight facial and body differences. Unknowingly, Dr. Yamane had made two mistakes in his ignorance of the real events. The first is that Dr. Serizawa was not the only person with the knowledge to make an Oxygen Destroyer and the second is that the creature is not of the same species as Godzilla, but was Godzilla altered. The civil authorities thanked the Professor and he left Osaka.

One of the two creatures is dead killed by the altered Godzilla and the once beautiful city of Osaka is in ruins. Godzilla is nowhere to be found, but in the ruins of Osaka Castle a high pitched sound is heard and a Blue Police Box materializes out of nowhere among the rubble and out steps Susan and her “Grandfather” who told her: “It appears I have failed to stop his plans at this point, Susan.”

“Who, Grandfather?”


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Meanwhile on Iwato Island another attack by the Military Jets with the participation of Shoichi Tsukioka finally buries the mighty creature in tons of ice. The danger is over, or so it would seem to those watching the last of the ice fall from the mountain ledges above the gorge Godzilla is within. However, unbeknown to these flyers are two figures observing every move being made.“It would appear your Project Gigantis has failed Lord Davros” a very cold non-feeling metallic voice states.

“No, only a small setback that can be corrected with more human material.”

“But what about the Doctor?”

“He is the last of his kind and one Time Lord won’t stop a Dalek Army of millions.”On December 28, 1957 an Earthquake was reported in a small Japanese village where four friends were staying. The two men were scientists, Ryoichi Shiraishi and Joji Atsumi. Shiraishi was also the author of a controversial report about an unknown planet he named Mysteroid. The planet's  real name was Skaro, Davros' home world,  and the Mysterians were really the last of the human like forms of the Kaled Race. A race, his own to be exact, that Davros was mutating into Daleks, and in his jest, that chosen name was an anagram of Kaled. Davros was controlling the still somewhat human looking Kaled's and they had started kidnapping Japan’s women for breeding purposes to provide him with that needed “human material.” Two of the first taken were the girlfriends of Shiraishi and Atsumi.

The Earth Defense Force located in Tokyo had no idea how to stop, or even comprehend the advanced weapons of the Mysterians. For comparison of the Mysterians' power to the "EDF". The Russian’s, on your planet Earth, had only launched the first Sputnik two months earlier than their first appearance.

The EDF started debating their options in a top secret meeting when a high pitch sound was heard. All of the assembled officials watched with looks of amazement as a Blue British Police Box appeared in front of them within that sealed and Military Police guarded room. Out of the box stepped not Susan or her “Grandfather,” but a very young man with full curly blondish hair and looking somewhat like a clown without make-up. His jacket was multicolored with patched areas of red, yellow, pink, blue, and brown tones going toward rust. The jacket he was wearing had overly large cuffs in yellow with purple stripes. His shirt was an off white with question marks on the label also in that rust color. While his trousers were a very light tan with shoes that resembled sneakers having what appeared to be a large cone shaped red cover instead of traditional stocks . Adding to his appearance was a very over sized light blue polka dot tie and all this was complimented by a large multicolored rain umbrella.

 “Good morning Gentlemen,” he said in perfect Japanese, or at least that’s what the TARDIS was making them think they heard.

“Let’s get started as I’ve traveled back 27 years to meet with you in the hope of stopping Davros, before he levels Tokyo once more with the aid of Godzilla."
The looks the Doctor was getting showed pure bewilderment, but he continued as if nothing was wrong. “Now, the first challenge you face is the need to create defensive weapons equal in strength to those of the Kaleds. Excuse me, the Mysterians as you refer to them. “

“Excuse me,” asked the Earth Defense Force Head, “but who the hell are you and how did you get in here?”

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"The Doctor of course."
The Sixth Doctor Who

“Of course,” the Head of the "EDF" paused a moment very flustered with the answer, but added,” a Doctor of what? “

“Gentlemen, I’m a Time Lord and really haven't the time," the Doctor stopped himself for a moment in mid-sentence," haven't the time, that's very funny, haven't the time, I like that!" Then he went on, "Sorry I got off track, my fault. As I was saying I haven't the time to explain things in more detail, but with the Dalek’s in control of that 75 square mile underground complex. We just can't sit around and chit chat. Besides I'm on a tight schedule and don't want to run into myself."

“What are you talking about?” the Defense Force Head added and decided to try another tact,”Ok, Doctor was it? Returning to my other question. How were you able to penetrate our security to get into this room with that British Police Call Box?”

“I see this is going nowhere. I am the man, or I was the man would be more correct, that finished Dr. Daisuke Serizawa’s Oxygen Destroyer for him! Nowcan we now get on with the problem at hand?”The "EDF" head stopped trying to make sense of this "Madman with a Box" after hearing the above statement and wisely listened as did the other's assembled to the Sixth Doctor. As a result of the information provided the battle against the Mysterians' Flying Saucers turned in the direction of the Earth Defense Force.

Meanwhile Joji Atsumi attempted a rescue of the captive women. Atsumi had entered the underground complex of the enemy through a wind tunnel he had accidentally discovered. Inside the complex he located Ryoichi Shiraishi who had originally believed the words of the Mysterians and had gone over to their side. Shiraishi admitted his error and told Atsumi where the women were being held. Dressed as a Mysterian Shiraishi bid everyone farewell and began to destroy the machinery behind the weapons. As he started from a dark corridor came one unnerving word repeated over and over: “Exterminate! Exterminate” The Dalek moved as if flying above the floor toward Shirasishi and fired his beam turning the scientist from living flesh into a skeleton. However through good fortune that beam also hit the main control panel starting a chain reaction within the complex causing confusion for both the Kaled’s and the Dalek’s.

Atsumi the women reached the wind tunnel only to find it blocked from a cave in. They were trapped and from behind them came the metallic voices of several Daleks repeating that one word: “Exterminate!” Suddenly they heard another sound like some high pitch whirling and the TARDIS materialized in front of the group. Out came the Doctor: 

“Quick everyone inside.”

“How can we fit in that?” questioned Atsumi.

“Just go in” replied the Doctor and as Atsumi led the women through the door he was mumbling: “It’s bigger on the inside” and the Doctor smiled that knowing smile of his.

“Where do you think you’re going Doctor?” a familiar voice asked out of the darkness of the crumbling complex.

“Davros!” the name spoken by the Doctor as he turned to face the electronic life support chair, resembling the lower portion of a Dalek soldier, holding what was left of the body of his archenemy that evil genius who had created the Dalek Race with one purpose in life:“Exterminate!”

“You cannot beat me Doctor. The Daleks are the superior being in the Universe and------“ Davros' speech was cut short as most of the ceiling fell and crushed his body and life support chair from its weight. The Doctor did not waste time to examine the crushed body, a mistake he would regret later, and entered the TARDIS. The whirling sound began once more and the TARDIS just dematerialized as the last of the complex came down followed by tons of planet Earth. The Doctor was pleased with the rescue of the women, the destruction of the Dalek/Kaled space craft and seeing Davros crushed, but something still seemed amiss in the whole affair and that bothered him.

1984 only had 17 days left and it appeared the Doctor finally had pulled it off. Then on the morning of December 15th in a calm sea what had worried the Sixth Doctor reappeared and its name was Godzilla, but why? He knew that Godzilla had been encased in ice back in 1955 and with Davros dead the micro chip controlling him would have been useless, but now he considered two questions. Was Davros really dead and was Godzilla still on Iwato Island?

It had all started simply enough when a News Reporter named Goro Maki uncovered a floating death ship that contained a form of giant sea lice that was genetically linked to Godzilla and one survivor named Hiroshi Okumura. That discovery had answered the second question first for the Doctor. Godzilla had to be out of the ice flows of Iwato Island. He now faced the first question and the possible answer created others. Was Godzilla  once more under control by the use of the micro chip? If this was true who was the controlling entity and was Davros still alive?  The other option was that Godzilla was just running a muck that didn't make much sense. Sitting in an easy chair in a room within the TARDIS circling a black hole outside of the Earth’s solar system the Sixth Doctor pondered the possibilities.

However, on Earth where nobody knew what the Sixth Doctor did. The Prime Minister of Japan wanted to keep the lid on the news of Goro Maki’s discovery. Additionally a debate began over the possibility that somehow the creature attacking Japan was the original 1954 Godzilla and that Dr. Serizawa had not destroyed him as everyone thought. Others believed this was the “Second” Godzilla that destroyed Osaka in the early part of 1955 and became buried in the ice of Iwato Island from the Japanese Defense Forces air attack.

A team was sent to confirm, or deny if the creature was still there. The team would return with the news that Godzilla was missing from Iwato Island and the Prime Minister and the Military would conclude the new creature was the same animal. A third story circulated that this new Godzilla was somehow connected what would be known as the Lagos Island incident. A fantastic story that the Japanese Government loved and let the press run with it.

The bottom line actually was that the 1954 Godzilla had been genetically altered a second time, the first in 1955, into a creature that had grown in size from 164 feet to 262 feet and his overall mass increased from 22,000 metric tons to 55,000 metric tons. Even with these changes yet to be confirmed by the Japanese Government. This creature was still the same Tyrannosaurs Rex Davros had originally removed from its Jurassic environment to become the God of Ohto Island decades upon decades previously. The Doctor put his hands behind his head, stared up at the ceiling of his TARDIS and made up his mind to return to Japan. Godzilla had to be stopped and if Davros WAS back from the dead than-----------------------
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There was a group of people waiting outside of the hospital room assigned to Hiroshi Okumura. Most were reporters looking for a story and one happened to be the same American Reporter, Steve Martin, who had witnessed the first Godzilla attacks on Tokyo thirty years previously. As they all stood talking a man dressed in very colorful clothing walked right up to the Military Guard on Okumura’s door and asked him to step aside so that he could enter, but as the guard started to protest a voice rang out from the hallway: “Is that you Doctor?”

The Doctor turned to come face to face with Joji Atsumi: “Doctor, I was not expecting to see you again after 27 years. I have aged, but you haven’t. Strange, but where’s your TARDIS?”

“In a sub-basement.” And to the surprise of everyone present the two men entered the hospital room. Atsumi explained that he was now the Scientific Head of a Group just being formed to be called G-Force (Godzilla-Force) and was in overall command of the current operations against Godzilla. Present in Okumura’s room was a man in his late twenty’s introduced as Paleontologist Dr. Daisuke Ogata the son of Emiko and Hideto Ogata. Which of course brought up the comment from the Doctor that he guessed the man had been named for Dr. Serizawa. Then the Doctor added how he had worked with Serizawa on the Oxygen Destroyer in 1954. Dr. Ogata stared back at him like he was crazy and the Sixth Doctor just smiled.

After questioning Okumura the Doctor asked to speak to the News Reporter Goro Maki who was out in the hallway with Steve Martin. Atsumi said he would have him brought into the room and the Doctor asked that Martin also be permitted entrance and he would explain his thinking in that request. Dr. Ogata now looked more perplexed over why this “Doctor” seemed to be taking charge and Atsumi turned to him and stated: “The Doctor helped Japan on the Mysterian Incident.” Ogata’s attitude turned to both interest and respect.After both Maki and Martin entered the room the Doctor suggested these two could be of use in spreading a cover story over what he now believed went back to Godzilla’s first appearance in 1954 and the events of 1955 and 1957. It was because of this agreement that America read one version of these events supposedly starting on August 23, 1985. While Japan had an almost entirely different one  taking place during  the current year. Only the two reporters knew the truth that they both had lied to protect the entire World’s population while causing deliberate confusion over their stories discrepancies.

Godzilla destroying the Fukashima Nuclear Plant

Godzilla started to attack Nuclear Power Plants and although it appeared to be random in nature the Doctor began to see the possibility of a fantastic plan aimed at obtaining Atomic energy. It was shortly discovered by Ornithologist Professor Hayashida that Godzilla seemed to be effected by bird sounds. From this the Doctor considered the possibility that the micro chip may be affected by the frequency used by birds to make sounds. As a result the Doctor asked Atsumi to call a meeting of the newly formed G-force along with Professor Hayashida and Dr. Ogata. The purpose was to draw up a plan to stop Godzilla, but more to the point. To determine if they could over ride the frequency of the micro chip and assume their own control while locating where the signal was originating from.
The basic plan was to use bird sounds to lure Godzilla to Mount Mihara and into the volcanic funnel that would be surrounded by detonators in the hope of burying him in molten lava. Professor Hayashida turned on the devise he had created to project the bird sounds, but discovered he was receiving interference originating from within Godzilla itself. It was obvious that this interference originated within the micro chip. Therefore it would not permit a triangulation to determine the place of origin the Doctor had hoped for and raised the probability that Hayashida might not be able to lure Godzilla to Mount Mihara. 

“That settles it,” said the Doctor.“We have no other choice. Dr. Ogata you’re my Dinosaur expert so come along with me. We have work to do.”

“Work?” asked Ogata,“What kind of work?”

“Removing the micro chip from Godzilla’s head of course.”

Dr. Ogata in a state of shock followed the Doctor to what appeared to be nothing more than a Blue British Police Call Box standing very out of place near Tokyo Tower. Ogata’s shock increased as the Doctor opened the box with a key and stepped in indicating he should follow. The shock factor increased three fold when Dr. Ogata realized the TARDIS was bigger on the inside and started to say something when the Doctor knowingly just smiled back at him.

The TARDIS was hovering over the Fukashima Nuclear Power Plant were Godzilla had removed the cover over one of the reactors and was in the process of sucking into his body all the energy Reactor Three contained. “Do you think Ogata it would be possible to have converted Godzilla into a storage battery for Atomic Energy” was the question posed by the Doctor.

After thinking over the question posed to him. Dr. Ogata responded: “One thing is for sure. Godzilla’s body is no longer that of any T-Rex that walked the Earth and if you are correct that we’re looking at the original Godzilla from 1954. Then there has been a massive change in his structure and with the central body being as large as it has become. There could be a danger of it not being able to contain a large amount of nuclear material without causing some form of structural damage to the tissue. Looking at this new Godzilla I would say your theory has to be accurate, but with what kind of medical knowledge this was done I have no idea."

Just than a message was received from Atsumi that the military around Mount Mihara were being attacked by Daleks and losing the battle. Just as Godzilla finished draining the final reactor he noticed the TARDIS. Godzilla turned his head toward the Blue Call Box as a swarming heat built up within his mouth when the Police Box just vanished before his surprised eyes. The TARDIS rematerialized above the Daleks on Mount Mihara and the Doctor followed by Ogata left its protection to investigate something that had caught the Doctor’s attention. “Just what I thought a Jump Gate.”
As the Doctor attempted to explain the purpose of the Jump Gate a mighty roar was heard and six tanks melted as if made of cheap plastic. The military had the Dalek's in front of them and Godzilla behind. The carnage was immense as the Japanese Defense Forces had no chance and one last radio message received at the new G-Force Headquarters read: “Happy Birthday to your Emperor from Davros. My children will EXTERMINATE your people in his honor.” December 23, 1984 would always have a double meaning to the men and women of the newly formed G-Force and the Doctor made a decision as he watched Godzilla and his allies turn to ash one thousand of Japan’s finest. At the end of the engagement, if you could call a one sided affair that. The Jump Gate engaged and the Doctor and Ogata watched the Daleks and Godzilla pulled into it. “I will return you to Headquarters Ogata and then I must travel to Skaro.” Ogata looked directly at the Doctor and asked him when did they leave? So the two men arrived on the home world of Davros set on the purpose of destroying Godzilla, the King of the Monsters.

The Fortress and Medical Facilities of Davros on Skaro
“Skaro is located in the Seventh galaxy and is approximately the same size and mass of Earth” the Doctor explained. “It is the twelfth planet from its sun with one continent divided into east and west halves. One half was the home of the Thals and the other half the Kaleds until there was a nuclear war turning all of Skaro into a wasteland. Which led to the rise of Davros and his Daleks. The Thal civilization is no more and I suppose the same could be said of the Kaleds. To alleviate your fears we will not be in an area of active radiation and in any case the TARDIS will protect us within a certain range from it.”

The Doctor knew Skaro and had predetermined a place to arrive at and when Ogata’s feet touched the alien soil they were in a large scientific complex. “We are near the main genetic engineering lab and I believe that has to be the area where we will find Godzilla. My only concern, besides are discovery and our deaths, would be if I am wrong and he is not on Skaro.” The Doctor continued speaking as the two men walked down empty hallways: “Something is a miss there is nobody here not even a single Kaled scientist. It’s as if Skaro is a Ghost World now and---.“ The Doctor stood staring at what appeared to be a greenhouse located outside of the complex. “Notice the size of that building? I wonder if it’s some form of actual greenhouse to create a controlled environment, of course, it would be needed, I should have anticipated they would need it, back to the TARDIS Ogata we need to move our location.”

With skill the Doctor had the TARDIS materialize in a storage area of the building. After locking the Blue Box the two men entered the main area of the greenhouse and immediately had to hide from three Daleks in a darken corner. They located a tank four times the size of the current Godzilla that contained the creature attached to monitoring devices and other strange looking equipment. Whose types and purposes were even unknown to the Doctor.

“Doctor,” Ogata spoke softly, “if that tank is in ratio to Godzilla. Than his potential for growth"

“I know” replied the Doctor and he added: “Ogata, are you Samurai?” Ogata’s mind froze in time as he considered those three words: “—are you Samurai?” and a voice not unlike his own replied:“Yes!” As the danger to him became apparent.

Both men watched Davros enter the greenhouse and proceed to a table beside the tank. He picked up a long cylinder shaped object that appeared to have a capture box on one end and a trigger on the other. Next Davros aimed the device at the tranquilized Godzilla and pulled the trigger mechanism causing the micro chip to materialize within the confines of the box.

“We need both that chip and the device” and with those words the Doctor started to creep forward towards Davros. The Tank containing Godzilla was being guarded by the three Daleks. When Ogata starting to follow the Doctor unfortunately hit against a table on wheels causing it to roll and collide with one of the Daleks. The Dalek turned in an instant realized the situation and with that metallic soulless voice shrieked:“Exterminate, exterminate, exterminate!”

The two men turned back and ran for their only means of escape the TARDIS as the other two Daleks joined the first in a joyful, to themselves, chorus of: “Exterminate, Exterminate, Exterminate!”Once inside the safety of the TARDIS the Doctor engaged it controls and as all three Daleks fired it dematerialized while Ogata was begging forgiveness.“Things happen Ogata" replied the Doctor, "but we now know how to remove the chip and give Godzilla back his free will. When the time is right that will be done, but for the moment let us return to G-Force and consider establishing a larger monitoring system for both Godzilla and the Dalek Army. As I am sure they will return sometime in the future and the Earth must be ready.”

The Jumbo Jet was roaring down a runway at Hong Kong Airport and started to lift off when a flaming apparition appeared before it. The pilot’s skill saved the crew and passengers from a direct collision with Godzilla. A Godzilla that seemed to be melting. On the island nation of Japan Dr. Daisuke Ogata had just finished his evening lecture on the Mesozoic Period and his students filed out of the room. After the last had left Dr. Ogata happened to glance up and in the middle seat of the highest row sat a man. He was wearing a Panama hat, had on a grey wrinkled cloth jacket, white shirt with a red paisley tie, a complimentary red paisley scarf, tweed pants, black shoes and what seemed really odd to Dr. Ogata was the man’s sweater. It had a V-neck of light blue, wavy blue lines evenly spaced between multiple red question marks on a light tan background as a pattern.The stranger got up and walked down the steps and eventually stood facing Ogata. Then with a slight Scottish accent spoke: “Godzilla has been seen in Hong Kong and today’s date, December 9, 1995, will mark the start of the final battle against Davros.”

“Excuse me?” asked Ogata.

“We have no time to waste. We must get to G-Force before it’s too late, come on.”

“Excuse me, but WHO are you?”

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“Correct, I’m the Doctor, Ogata. Just not the one you remember, but the same or maybe not the same. Anyway time is wasting and I will explain regeneration later.” At that the strange talking man pushed a button on a device he was holding and the TARDIS materialized.
The meeting was short and to the point and the Doctor produced the device Davros had for removing the micro chip from Godzilla. When asked how he had obtained it. The Seventh Doctor replied that he, or rather the Sixth Doctor, had returned to Skaro and now knowing what to look for arrived five minutes prior to the arrival of the TARDIS with Ogata and himself, because nobody was in the greenhouse yet but Godzilla. When Ogata asked him didn't that change the timeline? The Seventh Doctor replied it was just a trick of the trade and starting to whistle quickly turned and walked away from Ogata to speak to Miki Saegusa.

“Miss Saegusa, do you think you could communicate telepathically with Godzilla so that he would understand what I want to do?”

“I can only try, but I’d have to be extremely close to him for such an attempt.”

“Getting near him is not the problem I’m afraid.”

"Doctor,” it was Kenichi Yamane the son of the Odo Islander that Dr. Yamane had adopted who was speaking as he approached him. “My Aunt would like to meet you.”

The Seventh Doctor sat in the small apartment owned by Emiko Yamane: “I just wanted to thank you, “Grandfather,” for never revealing the truth about Dr. Serizawa’s work and his death.” The Seventh Doctor wondered how the widow of Hideto Ogata could have known what had occurred between the First Doctor and Dr. Serizawa, but he had the politeness not to inquirer.

Godzilla had just attacked another nuclear reactor plant and the military was in the process of a counter strike.The problem now facing everyone was the new change to this Godzilla. It just wasn't the apparent melt down going on, but the fact he had been increased in size once more and stood 328 feet tall and weighed an estimated 60,000 metric tons.

During one meeting of G-Force it had been proposed that Kenichi Yamane’s sister Yukari, a reporter for a major television station, ask Dr. Kensaku Ijuin who has been working on oxygen to see if he could make a new Oxygen Destroyer similar to the one used against the original 1954 Godzilla. It was at this point that the Seventh Doctor revealed his and Dr.Ogata’s findings and belief that there has only been one Godzilla and that Davros transported it off the Earth to the planet Skaro in front of Dr.Serizawa in the Japan Sea. Further he added that there is no evidence that an Oxygen Destroyer would actually work on such a animal. His audience was stunned by this information and were sworn to secrecy by the Prime Minister. As an understanding of the comments his Aunt Emiko made to the Doctor now dawn on Kenichi. Additionally the Doctor explained Dr. Ogata's and his belief that all the modifications made by Davros to Godzilla’s body have been designed to capture more Atomic energy. In other words Godzilla had become a storage battery and if it is not drained to run the machinery on Skaro he will melt down and explode. Much like the original theory proposed by Kenichi Yamane the outcome will be the same Atomic devastation such as Dr. Ogata had witnessed while on Skaro.

Adding to the atmosphere of awe that the Doctor’s comments had created was a report of the discovery of a small version of Godzilla somewhere off of Bass Island. The Doctor and Miki Saegusa decided to investigate this news. Dr. Ogata accompanied them, because of his expertise in Prehistoric Life and yes Miki did comment that the TARDIS was bigger on the inside.
While hovering over the last reported location of the smaller Godzilla the Doctor began a surveillance scan while Miki used her psychic powers. Together they finally located the creature which they dubbed“Junior.” On their return to G-Force Headquarters a report was received that a deep space probe has made contact with a fleet of ships heading directly toward Earth. The Doctor notifies G-Force Command that this can only be Davros’ fleet probably led by his Battle Cruiser “THE DESTROYER”. Godzilla meanwhile reappears on the outskirts of Tokyo and as panic sets in the Doctor proposes the total immediate evacuation of the city of approximately 26.8 million people.

“That’s impossible” the Prime Minister stated to the assembled group.

“Impossible, or not” replied the Seventh Doctor, “It must be done, because simply stated you are about to have hundreds of Daleks land there and at this moment you also have one thermonuclear lizard about to take a ride on the Jungle Cruise at Tokyo, Disneyland.”Needless to say Tokyo was evacuated while the military engaged that thermonuclear lizard once again. When Davros and his Dalek Armada finally arrived. Not only did things change from comic to serious, but the Doctor did too. The comical Seventh Doctor‘s manner went "Dark" and he even changed his basic appearance. When he emerged from the TARDIS on the day of Davros’ arrival he was wearing a dark brown tailored business suit, a beige shirt with a dark brown tone paisley print tie carrying that color scheme going into his scarf. Although his sweater still had question marks upon it the colors were also muted. The war for the survival of mankind on planet Earth was at hand.

Godzilla had seemed to come to a complete stop near Tokyo Tower and was just standing as still as a statue with his flesh now glowing a bright orange/red. The military, meanwhile, were taking up their assigned positions in the deserted streets when Dalek foot soldiers started appearing everywhere. A clash of small arms fire was heard and than nothing. Not a sound, not even the Dalek mantra: “Exterminate!” G-Force and the Earth Defense Force were in shock as it appeared the Dalek Army had taken complete control of the inner city in less than five minutes time. The silence was momentarily broken by the sound of jet engines as twenty of the latest fighter aircraft came into view. The Dalek soldiers looked up and fired and all twenty planes turned into flames and the silence returned. An outer perimeter was set up, but even with the newest weapons and technology how could the military fight an army that could materialize out of thin air and the question remained: What of Godzilla? Why wasn't he moving, or attacking?

The Doctor and Kenichi Yamane worked upon calculations determining how long Tokyo had before Godzilla went China syndrome, if he was not drained of that built up energy. The one factor they were having trouble with determining was the body strength. Godzilla 1954 had been changed three times and the last two had affected both his height and mass. While they were working on this problem "IT" appeared in the sky over the city. "IT" was a large bat winged shaped flying machine with what appeared to be a tail and head. To the humans on the ground Davros’ Space craft “The Destroyer” could have been a living creature. The giant machine slowly lowered itself crushing Tokyo Tower as it settled to the ground beside Godzilla. A ramp appeared from "The Destroyer's" right side and gliding down it was Davros himself. At was at this point in time that the Doctor realized calculating when Godzilla would melt down was a worthless exercise. There was only one thing to do and that was to remove the micro chip and turn Godzilla loose hopefully upon the Daleks.

While the Earth Defense Force called for assistance from around the globe and determined their next set of movements. The "Dark Seventh Doctor", Psychic Miki Saegusa and Paleontologist Dr. Daisuke Ogata entered the TARDIS.  Their mission was to penetrate the Dalek defenses and remove the micro chip from Godzilla. Miki realized her chances of returning alive were nil, but she also knew her powers were essential to the Doctor’s plan. As for Dr. Ogata he was still being affected by the Sixth Doctor’s question: “Are you Samurai?” and wanted to prove he was that and more. Even if it meant giving up his life for his country.

Davros on the other hand was also active as he completed his plans to move out of the empty city, conquer Japan and create a larger army of Daleks with human hosts. “The Destroyer” carried a full conversion chamber to create his warrior race of followers and the added power he needed to run the assembly line was within Godzilla. Davros felt secure in Tokyo knowing that the humans feared both his Dalek Army and Godzilla’s current condition, if not the monster itself. What he was unaware of in his confidence was something coming his way and it wasn't a Six Times Regenerate Time Lord. In fact had the Doctor known what it was he too would have been surprised!General Aso sent in squads of volunteers to hunt down and blow up the Daleks. The Super X-3 was also sent into the city and had made its way safely towards Tokyo Tower . The Officer in Charge noted Davros in his life support chair watching the events in an open hatchway and looking at Godzilla. The Officer in Charge of the Super X-3 ordered the freezing ray fired and as the gunner’s hand touched the control to carry out the command a ray from “The Destroyer” hit them instead vaporizing all on board, but some how not even scorching the Super X-3 vehicle and still Godzilla stood still as a statue.

“You know what to do and how to handle the TARDIS?” the Doctor asked his two companions. They both answered in the affirmative. The TARDIS was hovering over the military position when that question was posed and before he could add another word Miki cut the Doctor off saying: “I feel something coming from the water’s edge. I think its “Junior”and he’s moving in the direction of Godzilla.” The Doctor thought for a moment and added: “Another factor enters the equation. Interesting and the probabilities are astronomical.”

Davros was finishing his preparations inside "The Destroyer" to start the draining of energy when he thought he noticed Godzilla move. No, he thought that would be impossible he’s completely under my control. “Hello, Davros” the Doctor’s voice came from behind him. Turning slowly in his life support chair Davros beheld the Seventh Doctor holding a small elongated object in his hand. Slowly screws and bolts began to turn on the chair and some actually popped out on to the floor. “What are you doing Doctor?”

“Just playing with my sonic screwdriver” was the reply as a whole panel of protection for Davros fell away.“I would have thought your one cybernetic eye would have picked up on what I was holding, oh well, we continue on.”

“Wait, this is not like you, Doctor.”

“You mean it’s against my rules to torture?” but just than the room shook and both the Doctor and Davros reacted by turning in the direction of Godzilla. Both looking through a window discovered he had started to move slowly. “Impossible,” cried Davros,” he is under my complete control and command.”   

 “Perhaps something unexpected by you has entered the equation Davros.” At that the sound of a small roar was herd and a smaller version of Godzilla was seen. “I think it’s called FAMILY” added the Doctor to the conversation. At that instant the TARDIS materialized beside Godzilla and the door opened showing Ogata holding the device to remove the micro chip. Ogata pulled the trigger and Godzilla let out a roar as the microchip materialized inside the box container on the device. Godzilla turned toward Ogata and appeared to smile a thank you when Ogata was hit by a ray from a Dalek and turned into bones. Godzilla reacted turning the Dalek into a pile of melted metal. “A Samurai at last” remarked the "Dark Doctor".

While this had been transpiring Davros had moved himself to a control panel and moving a lever a beam of light flashed from “The Destroyer” and hit the small Godzilla causing a gash in its side. Godzilla roared and turned on Davros’ Space craft which was attempting to lift off. Godzilla hit the undercarriage with his Atomic breath causing explosions to start throughout "The Destroyer". On the ground the volunteer military troops were moving in and fighting the Dalek soldiers resulting in some Dalek losses, but mostly their own deaths. Godzilla attempted to defend the military by destroying more Daleks in a fierce battle. The Daleks even with their rays were being melted faster than they could respond by the inflamed Godzilla. Who was standing over and protecting “Junior.” Both the Doctor and Davros noticed that Godzilla’s body was turning almost a cherry red: “Time is short now Doctor and this city will be a waste land.”

The Doctor calmly returned to removing the screws and bolts holding the rest of Davros’ life support chair and just as calmly mentioned: “Short for you, but not necessary for me.” Suddenly the TARDIS materialized, the door opened, the Doctor jumped in and the TARDIS dematerialized once more before the startled eyes of the Lord of the Daleks. This action was followed by an enormous blinding light accompanied by a tremendous Atomic Blast. “You got the message to General Aso” the Doctor asked Miki and she just shook her head for yes while concentrating on the controls of the TARDIS. Then turning to the Doctor told him that for one brief second she thought she sensed something alive moving within the mushroom cloud covering what had been the city of Tokyo. Adding she could have sworn hearing the roar of Godzilla. The Doctor just smiled again as if he knew the truth.

Three days later at G-Force Headquarters the debriefing was concluded. General Aso had immediately pulled all troops with the exception of the volunteers within Tokyo proper to a safe distance from the city upon receipt of the predetermined message sent by Miki from the Doctor. The reports indicated that not one Dalek had survived, or was there any sign that the “The Destroyer” had escaped the blast and with it went Davros. Godzilla was gone, but as Miki now suspected maybe Junior had somehow survived. Everything was returning to some form of normal and the questions of what to do with the population of Tokyo were being addressed by the United Nations. Only one problem seemed of immediate concern to the Japanese Prime Minister and he voiced it as: “How do we cover this up?” To which the Seventh Doctor responded: “I remember on November 23, 1963 telling Amelia Earhart, at brunch, that politicians on Earth are very good with cover ups. Just look at the events of the proceeding day." 

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